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Video: the Undisputed King

There's no doubt about it; nothing matches the powerful impact of a visual presentation. Now imagine the impact of a live seminar, with the reach of television, and you and you have an idea of the power of video.

But we want you to take it one step further. Picture the awesome power of video, combined with the interactivity of the Internet. NOW you can see the full potential of the publicity opportunities that SkyVault™ technology makes available to you.

Featured Partner site: SkyVault Video

We're talking about a marketing tool so powerful, so dynamic, and so gripping that it will dramatically enhance every aspect of your publicity campaign and stimulate your info-product sales both online and off.

A tool so effective, that it will increase your name recognition, attract new clients, create referrals, steer business away from your competition, improve your business image, and strengthen virtually every dollar you spend on your marketing and sales efforts.

Video Production Services in Tampa: #1 Ranked

According to the experts, words account for 7 percent of the information we communicate, voice tonality accounts for 38 percent, and body language accounts for 55 percent.

With our powerful web-and-dvd broadcast video combination, you will harness 100% of your viewer's attention. It just doesn't get any better than that.


Internet Infomercial: The SkyVault Group



YouTube is now the fourth most popular site on the Internet, commanding almost 12% of global Web traffic.


More than 70% of Internet users now stream video each month.


Worldwide, nearly 12 billion videos are consumed online each month.


Before our eyes in less than two years, the number of free video hosting services has gone from a handful to nearly 300.

(Sources: comScore Media Metrix and the New York Times)

If You're Not Leveraging Video Yet,
The Good News Is You Can Get Started Right Now by Clicking Here.


Utilize streaming video and Internet Infomercials on your web site. Run a commercial or traditional infomercial on television with your broadcast-quality DVD.

Or for a powerhouse product you can sell directly, use our
"how-to" DVD format to literally create thousands of dollars
out of thin air.

Have we got your attention now?

Use our online order form to let us know what you have in mind, while we still have room on our production calendar.




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