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Featured Publication:

Title: Rise of the Ambassador: Lost Generation Rediscovered
Category: American Culture
Price: $67  
Format: Ebook/Audio set

 Investor Opportunity:

After years of development and over $250,000 in capital invested, SkyVault™ Publishing is now launching an expanded line of information and video products with a strong appeal in the small business marketing niche nationwide. Extensive testing has shown conclusively that our lineup addresses very strong market desires with high percieved value, and limited actual costs.

Marketing channels include an online bookstore, a network of supporting partner web sites, along with a business coaching & professional speaking practice located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Featured Partner site: The Experience Shows

If you are in a position to invest from $5K to $25K as a silent partner in this venture, you will achieve a 120% ROI in 180 days. This is a rare opportunity to help individuals and small business owners improve their personal economies, while enjoying a sizable return at the same time.

We are prepared to offer you collateral for the life of the investment loan. Funds will be used to provide a marketing budget, travel expenses, seminar space, project staffing, and operating reserve.

An Executive Summary, Mission Statement, and Process Flow Chart have been prepared for your examination and review. We will make this information available to you, as well as our Business Plan, upon your expression of interest.

Investor Documents Available:

  • Executive summary available here. (pdf format)
  • Full Prospectus available upon request.


Our Mission:

The SkyVault Group™, LLC is a career consulting and multimedia publishing company committed to earning strong profits by providing life-enhancing business and personal development products and services to the marketplace.

We accomplish this by first, recognizing and connecting with entrepreneurial personalities; second, by sharing information and insights that enhance their awareness of the incredible opportunities being created in the New Economy, and third, by assisting them in the production, publication, and promotion of information-based products that either support their "brick and mortar" business, or form standalone income streams.

Our ultimate purpose is to provide real solutions to the financial challenges ordinary people face - solutions that do well when times are good, and BETTER when times are tough.

Our ideal customer is a person with a strong desire to both improve their lifestyle, and create a financially secure retirement. Our purpose is not necessarily to make this person rich; rather, it is to help them live a rich life and avoid retiring broke.


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