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Newsflash: Word-of-Mouth is the Best Advertising, and Seminars are Big-time Word of Mouth.

Nothing stimulates word of mouth about a book than a personal appearance by the author...you !

Featured Partner site: Centurion Seminars

Our seminar production and promotion arm, Centurion Seminars™, presents authors and speakers that share valuable information and insights in the fields of self-improvement, personal achievement, and wealth building.

If you'd like to be one of them, we can make it happen.

We can also arrange book readings, book signing tours, workshops, and small musical performances.

Combining your info-product formats creates info-kits that can be sold at your seminars, for much more than ordinary paperbound books can be sold for. The key is to sell based on the value of the information, rather than on the number of pages.

Also, while you're connecting with your audience in person, we can record the event as an audio or video - automatically creating another saleable backend product for you.

With a combination of interrelated media products at your disposal, SkyVault™ positions you to maximize the profit potential of your knowledge. No one is better equipped to help you bring it all together.

The bottom line is, in an information economy, what you can do is only worth so much. But what you know increases in value every day. So if you're ready, we're ready. Let's get started.




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