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What is Progressive in the 21st Century?
- I have often referred to myself as a progressive but I have felt increasingly uneasy doing so. The word ‘progressive’ like nearly every other term which refers to a political ideology has become so broadly applied as to become virtually meaningless. More

Resource List: Crowdfunding for Startups
Here's a great collection of resources and articles regarding the new It's all about priorities. This map shows why our politics are such a disaster. The American Decline is real, and this is where it comes from. Watch the short video on this page to understand what we're up against, if you dare. More

The Real Truth About What's Wrong with America Today
It's all about priorities. This map shows why our politics are such a disaster. The American Decline is real, and this is where it comes from. Watch the short video on this page to understand what we're up against, if you dare. More

Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn in Your Job Search
Do you have a LinkedIn account, but no idea what to do with it? You're not alone. But if you're in the job market, you should be logging on to LinkedIn several times a week, if not daily. Here's how to build your connections network, and make productive use of it once you have it. More

Got an Employment Gap on Your Resume?
No employer will say this out loud for legal reasons, but if you’ve been out of work for six months or more, they won’t even look at you because they assume nobody else wanted to hire you. Here are four ways to handle the "gap" issue. More

Army to Cut Brigades at 10 U.S. bases
- In a massive restructuring, the U.S. Army is slashing the number of active duty combat brigades from 45 to 33, and shifting thousands of soldiers out of bases around the country as it moves forward with a longtime plan to cut the size of the service by 80,000. More

Most Americans Now Living Paycheck to Paycheck
- "The middle class is getting fired." The bulk of people are getting either downsized, or outsourced, or globalized… and temp staffers or people around the world are filling the holes. But there is a way to survive, and even thrive, in the new reality. More

Air Force Restarts Tuition Assistance
- The U.S. Air Force has officially restarted military tuition assistance, effective immediately. The program will resume the same benefits as before. Airmen are eligible for up to $4,500 per fiscal year. Military tuition assistance is not available retroactively to cover courses taken and paid for using any other funding source during the suspension of military tuition assistance. More

The Hottest Jobs for Military Veterans
- The number 1 reason companies don't hire more veterans is they don't understand how your military experience can help them in the business world. This list of the hottest jobs for veterans includes descriptions that may help you translate your experience into skills the corporate world will understand. More

Five Ways to Get the Job When You’re ‘Overqualified’ - When jobs are scarce, we are often counseled to swallow our pride and apply for any job available. That, of course, opens us up to the dreaded "overqualified" rejection. What to do? Here are five suggestions on how to turn the tide so “overqualified” does not mean you are out of the running.. More

20 Ways to Find Your Calling - Not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life? Here's a system for figuring it out. More

A Robot Army is Destroying the American Workforce - People have long fantasized about robots serving as our personal assistants. But now that they're here, we're competing against them for our jobs. And the pace is accelerating. More

Wal-Mart Vows to Hire Any Recent Veterans
- Starting Memorial Day, the retail giant will offer a job to any honorably discharged veteran in his or her first year off from active duty. The opportunities will be in stores, distribution centers and the chain’s home office. More

National Program Trains Veterans for Advanced Manufacturing Jobs
- The Manufacturing Institute announced it has formed a coalition with General Electric, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Alcoa and other partners to
bolster America's talent pipeline. More

Rise of the Micro-Project: Get a Tiny Job, Earn a Tiny Payment. Repeat. - More and more, companies are tasking out micro-projects to consumers - tiny jobs for which it makes no financial (or logical) sense to send a full- time employee, but that still need to get done. More

What's Uncool about a $100,000 factory job?
- These days not much. In fact, factory jobs -- once considered back-breaking and low-paying -- have
become high-tech and high-salaried. Getting young people interested in them, however, is a different story. More

The Rise of the Marketing Entrepreneur
- CMOs are asking lots of questions: What kinds of people should we recruit into marketing? How can
we train them to keep pace with changes in the market? What’s the right mix of generalists versus specialists? And, these are just the tip of the iceberg. More

15,000 Jobs for Military Spouses and Veterans
- 21st Century Jobs for America’s Military Spouses has made a commitment to provide more than 15,000 jobs to military spouses and veterans. The jobs will be physically located near bases, as well as thousands of work-from-home opportunities. More

Employment for Veterans - Goodwill Provides Job and Career Help to Veterans & Military Families -
While some of the challenges you face are unique to your experiences, obstacles from joblessness and poverty to physical and emotional disabilities — are ones that Goodwill has helped millions of individuals overcome for more than a century. More

Not Ready to Hire a Career Coach?
- Here are 25 career coaching questions you can use for some DIY career coaching. Start finding the career path that's right for you. More

Best Way to Find a Job? Have the Job Find You - Here's how one job hunter created a remarkable success story. His results could be your results too. More

3 Interview Questions that Reveal Everything - Interviewing job candidates is tough, especially because some candidates are a lot better at interviewing than they are at working. Ask these 3 questions the right way, and you will always learn something about the candidate--whether positive or negative--that you would never have learned otherwise. More

The No. 1 Way to Jump Start a Stalled Job Search
- A recent study shows the average job seeker gives up looking for work after five months. Meanwhile, the length of time it takes to find work in the US is currently hovering at more than seven months. Hmmm... Maybe it's time for a little "Disruptive Innovation." More

Veterans: Find Fellow Veterans to Find a Job
- The nation’s employment crisis and the huge change in culture from military to civilian life challenge many veterans looking for work. Fine-tune your job-hunting skills so they lead you to a veteran who will hire you. More

The Real Reasons Why I Can't Hire You: an Employer Speaks
- I know you're hard-working, motivated, tech-savvy and willing to learn. The reason I can't hire you has nothing to do with your work ethic or skills... The economy is different now, and wishing it were unchanged from 30 years ago won't reverse the clock. We have to respond to the incentives and disincentives that exist in today's world, and those do not favor conventional permanent employees. More

For Employers, Craigslist Job Postings Contain a Hidden Cost
- As the years pass, it's become clear that relying on Craigslist to fill local job openings may require more time and money than its reputation suggests. In fact, in many cases, using a traditional job board is a more cost- and time-effective strategy than posting on Craigslist. More

Why You Still Don’t Have a Job - Finally, a complete picture of what a full-on job search really looks like. How does your search measure up? More

What To Say When You're Asked For 'Salary Requirements' - It's the worst part on the online application -- the "salary requirements" field. Here's how to handle the question without getting disqualified. More

10 Things to Leave Off Your Resume - What you don't include on your resume can be as important as what you do include. Here are 10 things you should leave off - and some of them might surprise you. More


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