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Which Type of Web Site Does Your Business Need?
by Lance T. Walker

These days, every kid with a laptop thinks they can be a web developer. But this is no kids' game; this is your business we're talking about.

Did you know there are THREE kinds of e-business web sites on the Internet? They are;

1. Demonstration,
2. Advertising-driven, and
3. E-commerce.


This choice is critical, because each type of site measures success differently. Many
e-businesses considered failures were actually great successes, but in a way that didn't
match the site owner's goals. So the first question you should ask yourself is; what -
exactly - do you want your web site to do for you?

A DEMONSTRATION site is used mostly by web design firms, ad agencies, performers,
job seekers, and others whose primary purpose is to show the skills they possess. It is
not expected that sales will be completed online - the site is mainly a supporting aid for
an offline, probably face-to-face, presentation. High traffic is not a concern; accurate and
timely targeting of the right audience is of much more importance.

For AD-DRIVEN sites, traffic - and what kind of traffic - means everything. Many pages
of related content are linked together to keep the visitor clicking from one page to the
next, eagerly anticipating the next segment. Chat rooms, forums, quizzes, contests, and
email newsletters are all part of the formula that attracts advertisers to your particular
demographic. SkyVault can help you create the community-driven buzz that will attract
the advertisers you want.

Success on an E-COMMERCE site is measured in only one way - sales. Skip the fancy
Flash intro and all the great content, never mind the zillion hits you got last month -
what was your sell-through rate?

Internet shoppers are impatient, and the competition is only a click away. You've got to
get your customers interested, excited, and ready to order - and you've got between 8
and 30 seconds to do it. Your order process must be easy, fast, and error-free. Design
gets attention, but it's your technology and content that wins you customers and keeps
them coming back.

And most important, your site should be the centerpiece of your overall marketing
strategy, not just an additional advertising expense. In other words, your site needs
to be developed with a MARKETING MINDSET.

At SkyVault Web Design & Photography, we get it. When you're serious about your
web presence, and its role in your marketing mix, contact us. I'm looking forward to
working with you.

Lance T. Walker, Project Manager
SkyVault Web Design & Photography
"Award-Winning Developers with a Marketing Mindset"
Phone: 727-954-5914

-- SkyVault™ Web Design provides marketing consulting, web development, and Internet business services to small and medium sized businesses. They have been developing income-producing online properties since 1998. Contact the development team at: Free Report Reveals Secrets of Their Successful Marketing Strategy:


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