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The Process: Building Your Web-centric Strategy the SkyVault™ Way.

Some designers produce an entire site, then try to convince you to like it. Not SkyVault™. We use a systematic process that keeps you informed every step of the way.

We post your new site on our server while it's being built. You get to see updates as they happen, and you can suggest any changes you'd like to see along the way.

This way, you know you'll love your new site in advance.


Your SkyVault™ site includes:

  • Graphic design
  • XHTML and CSS development
  • Premium Hosting
  • Domain name registration with annual renewal
  • Search engine optimization
  • Automated site-blogging
  • Submission to search engines automatically via XML
  • Google sitemap submitted to all major engines
  • Ranking reports for your keywords at all major engines
  • Ranking reports for directories
  • Pay-per-click research and bidding programs
  • Click-in and Click-through Analysis
  • Your e-newsletter, including SpamCheck & OpenRate
  • Automated email capture forms with sequential autoresponder
  • Automated link checker and repair
  • Full email service with spam and virus protection
  • Automated Social Media Marketing

How your SkyVault™ site comes together:

1) Consultation - The planning phase is the key to your project coming in on time, on budget, and with a minimum of revision cycles. We'll work together to plan and organize your project, anticipating challenges and suggesting options you may not have yet considered.

This process also includes identifying the marketing, sales, and customer support objectives of your site. We help you storyboard the concept, evaluate technical requirements, plan the functionality and infrastructure, and diagram the site's basic navigational schematic.

2) Project Proposal - To insure mutual understanding of the development plan and project goals, the results of the consultation phase are collected into a concise proposal which describes the plan of implementation and the rationale for the decisions involved. Upon sign-off and initial deposit, work begins immediately.

3) Domain name - We check to make sure the domain name you want is in fact available, and then reserve it in your name, on your behalf.

4) Graphics - SkyVault's staff is well trained in the art of making you look their best online. We can use client-supplied images, or our photographers and graphic artists can create them for you. State of the art scanning equipment and graphics software, color correction, compression, slicing, and optimization ensure your site will load quickly and look its best on the World Wide Web.

5) Design - We combine our design expertise with your ideas and business objectives to create several test designs, each with different visual approaches. Using your input, we progressively refine the concept by incorporating the best features of each test. We make sure that your site creates a great first impression, provides an intuitive environment for your users, and encourages repeat visits.

6) Production - Upon receiving final comp signoff and second deposit, designs are converted into code for the Web. This is where the real magic happens. Production, or front-end programming, creates a smooth transition from design to engineering. (Skimp here, and it'll cost you a lot more later on when you want to make changes.) A "wireframe" structure is built, allowing for flexibility, expansion, and unexpected feature additions.

It takes skill and experience to anticipate potential problem areas and prepare for them - and SkyVault has both. Layout is implemented, site elements are integrated, and navigation installed. HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, and JavaScript help bring the vision to life.

7) Engineering - Also called back-end programming, this stage refers to the implementation of server-side programming, database creation and integration, and user interactivity features such as e-commerce payment systems and shopping carts. Our network of wizards can work with Java, ASP, JSP, PHP, XML, or whatever your site needs to accomplish your goals.

8) Progress Tracking - The SkyVault Group makes the development process visible in real-time for our clients. Our password-protected extranet allows for better communication, efficiency, and cooperative effort during the project. A working demo is created to demonstrate your site's features, and to ensure that the emerging product is both effective and on target.

9) QA - Testing occurs throughout the development process, but now a formal quality assurance phase begins as the project nears completion. The SkyVault team verifies the functionality of all "active" elements and custom code, as well as the overall appearance of the site. Database integration is verified, and the site is reviewed for cross-browser and cross-platform performance.

10) Launch - Depending on the deployment plan, SkyVault will initiate Internet infomercials, search engine seeding, banner advertising, and other methods of bringing your new site to the attention of the marketplace. If the site is to be hosted on a server other than SkyVault's, it is relocated from our development servers to its final production home. Final testing is done to ensure a successful installation.

11) Promotion and Maintenance - Building a great site is only the first half of the project. Promotion and ongoing improvements (maintenance) are what turn your site into an income-generating machine. SkyVault can help you create a spiral marketing strategy, where online and offline marketing tactics are coordinated to produce an upward momentum of traffic to your site. We also provide you with a comprehensive set of tools, links, and information you can use yourself!


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