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On behalf of our Youth, Mentors, Parents, and Executive Board, thank you for visiting TheMentorshipProgram.com .

This year is an exciting one for all of us at the Buffalo/Niagara Mentorship Program, Inc. We have been working to make improvements that will better the organization as well as our community.

We have seen the importance of working together with our youth to bring about positive change. Now more than ever, we must educate, mobilize, and prepare our young people for the economic realities they face.

Our motto is "Educating, Inspiring and Guiding Future Leaders". We are committed to working with our politicians, religious leaders, grassroots organizations, unions, corporations, small businesses, and parents to help create tomorrow's leaders today.

Since 2002, the Buffalo/Niagara Mentorship Program has been serving the needs of youth in Erie and Niagara Counties, including the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

The program was incorporated in 2005, and received its 501(3)c status in July, 2006. Over 100 students have benefited from this unique and growing program, which addresses each student’s needs individually and partners them with an appropriate role model.

Our first goal is to assure that every student who wants to go to college, will have the opportunity to do so. To date, over 80% of our pupils have taken advantage of our academic and application assistance to achieve the goal of higher education.

For those who choose the vocational route, we are there to assist them in getting into apprenticeship programs with trade unions and companies in the Western New York area, where they will have the opportunity to develop the skills and abilities necessary to earn a living wage in today’s society.

We also feature our Parent and Guardian Advocacy Program. This program helps us to better understand the overall needs of each student, and gives parents and guardians the chance to realize the importance of their participation in the future success of their children.

“Thank you" to all of our past and present sponsors, who continue to make the Mentorship Program a success. This is a worthy goal, and a rewarding one. Our youth really are our future – let’s make sure they have a bright one.

Chief Executive Officer/ Founder
The Mentorship Program, Inc.


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