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Become a Mentee

A mentee is a high school student aging from 14 years old until they graduate from high school. The mentee is paired with a mentor that they speak to on a weekly basis.

The student attends a monthly meeting where they discuss issues that are facing today’s youth. Mentee's are placed in a job or pre-apprenticeship where they are paid a living wage for their work.

Therefore, in order to be involved in the program, the student must have working papers. The mentee will learn skills that help them obtain a better future and are given help to gain a higher education or jog training skills.

Mentee Application (PDF)

Parent Authorization Form (PDF)

List of Mentee Responsibilities (PDF)


Become a Mentor

A mentor is an adult that guides and educates mentees.

The mentor's main responsibilities are to contact their student on a weekly basis and attend monthly meetings with all mentees in a group setting.

Each mentor must also keep in contact with the mentor chair weekly to give updates on the student and complete a student update sheet about their mentee each month.

Mentor Application (PDF)

List of Mentor Responsibilities (PDF)


Become a Parent Advocate

It is the responsibility of a parent advocate to contact all parents every month to discuss students and what is happening in the program.

They must also arrange and conduct quarterly meetings with parents to have a face-to-face discussion and be able to answer any questions.


Become a Sponsor

Everyone in Erie and Niagara county is facing the same crisis, and our youth are paying the price.

We as a community must come together to help each other reach the goals achieve success.

This is hard work and a challenge, but rewarding. Please remember our youth is our future and they need in order to have one.

I want to say "Thank You" to all of our past and present sponsors who continue to make the Mentorship program a success. We look forward to hearing from new sponsors who wish to help our youth any way they can.

Become a Sponsor (PDF)


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