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From Dominique Bulls
"I am just emailing you to see how everything is with the mentoring program and also to update you on myself and my progress. I am currently in Marlyand, working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the summer, working on drug regulatory procedures and research. I am going into my junior year at North Carolina A&T and made the decision to keep Biology Pre Med as my major.

I am preparing right now for the MCAT the entrance exam to medical school which I plan on attendind after graduation. My mother recently transferred jobs and moved down to Greensboro, so she's closer to me, which is great... everything is great with me and I hope everything is well with you. Also I would like to become involved with the organization because you guys have helped me out incredibly, so if there is anything I can do please let me know. And is there a chapter in or near Greensboro?"

From Yolanda Lawerence
"The mentorship program has open up a lot of doors for young people. The children I've meet in the program show purpose and know that they will make it in life. The program shows togetherness and the children need that. I believe that a lot of these youth are destined to very successful, because of the foundation that has been laid through this program."

From Megan Burt (Former mentee, now a mentor and attending
Erie Community College)

"The mentorship it help me about the labor, the cost of living and responsibilities of life and that's why I became a mentor to other youth in my community. Also, the mentorship program help me to understand why I should raise my standards in life and have employment that will give me benefit and a voice at my workplace and my right as a young adult."

From Dominique Bulls (former mentee, now attending
North Carolina A&T)

" I would like to thank you for the money it is greatly appreciated. It is truly a blessing to have people like CBTU in your life. I have adjusted to college life very good. Starting next semester I will be double major in Biology and Psychology. I chose to do this because if you are going to do something then reach for the stars every time. I also made a decision on my profession, I am going to be a pediatric neuropsychologist, so the double major will help me accomplish my dream in a few years, I would love to help in anyway that I can. please keep me in your prayers as I will continue to pray for you, and thank you again for all your support."

From Mrs. Alfear Turley
"The community service and in-service is an excellent character builder for the youth. My son, Jason participated in the program and I have notice that he has strengthen bonds with several other mentees. CBTU mentorship program is a great resource for our community. I only wish it could reach a greater number of our young people."

From Cori T. Spencer (Proud Mother of Eze Makonnen Francis)
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Angela A. Jordan, and all of the members of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists for welcoming my son into this phenomenal program. Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who introduced me to a union that has changed my son's life. 

I am a single mother of three and my oldest, the only male in the house, wanted something to do.  While at the "Weed and Seed" summer teen fair in Niagara Falls we met a woman who told us about trade unions and the Mentorship Program.  She gave my son an application and from that moment on he has been a part of an "extended family", that has reinforced all the dreams I have for him.

This program has embraced my son with a concern that has amazed me from the start.  From the beginning, he has been involved in political campaigns, been invited to plays and sporting events, and gotten a job. My son, through the Mentorship Program now works at the Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center. This has allowed him to save money for things he wants and given him a sense of responsibility.  I could have possibly helped him find a job but this organization has allowed this young man to do much more than work.

He has met prominent government officials and African Americans that have inspired him to do great things.  His mentors are excellent at finding just the right social events to expose him to.  I could have never done all of this on my own given my trying schedule. 

I prayed for someone to come along and help me guide and teach this boy and God blessed us with a team of very wonderful and capable people.  I thank God for giving the president of this organization this dream. I thank all of it members for their hard work and perseverance.  This is a movement that will enhance the lives of children for generations to come.  God Bless all of you and all that you do!"


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