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The Mentorship Program was created to help and guide today’s youth to becoming tomorrow’s leaders. We place students with mentors that they speak to on a weekly basis.

Mentors are there to assist families in helping these young people to strive and succeed. Mentors make sure that things are going well in school and at home, and to help arrange tutoring if the student is having trouble in their classes.

Once a month all staff, youth, and mentors get together for a monthly meeting. At these meetings, issues pertinent to the students lives and futures are discussed.

There are also special occasions where everyone gets together to perform community service. This helps to create a sense of community awareness, and to show students the need to give back to society, rather than just taking from it.

The Mentorship Program arranges for students to work in a business setting, and guarantees students pay will not be less than the living wage.

This helps students learn about business and develop skills. They also strive to get an education, which will help them create the ability to obtain a good job in the future.

The program creates a family environment between students, their families, mentors, and staff . This bond carries on even after students graduate from high school.

The sense of belonging that the program creates continues throughout the lives of all who have been involved. The Mentorship Program continues to grow and make a difference for many youth with the goal of "Inspiring, Educating, and Guiding Future Leaders".


Our Mission

The Buffalo/Niagara Mentorship Program, Inc. endeavors to help youth recognize the value of pursuing academic excellence and matriculation to the graduate level and beyond.

We are also dedicated to providing youth with the opportunity to interact with mentors in various workplace settings to observe and learn leadership and managerial skills.

Preparing youth to strive, to recognize their potential, and to achieve their personal and professional goals is the sincere mission of our coalition.


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