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The SkyVault™ Update:
Where Real Estate Meets e-Business
Tools, information, and technology for real estate investors.
02/06/04 Edition

If you know other Entrepreneurs, Investors, Agents, Students, or anyone else
who would benefit from this FREE Real Estate and Wealth Building Newsletter,
please forward this issue to them. If someone else has forwarded this issue to
you and you would like an ongoing FREE subscription, please go to:

1. New Subscribers: Download your Free Software!
2. Product of the Month: Mastery TV
3. Private Lenders: the Savvy Investor's Secret Weapon
4. Ebook of the Month: Build Massive Wealth Through Foreclosures
5. For Your Business in 2004!

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to start by thanking all the new Subscribers on board
this month. I'm delighted to report that our membership has more
than doubled in the last quarter, and I want you to know I take your
trust seriously.

I would first like to assure you that your privacy and subscribership
are vitally important to me. We do not share our mailing list with

Second, I want you to know this will not be just another ezine
clogging up your email box. The wealth building material we
provide and recommend is both powerful, and unique on the web.

Our mission is to provide you with the information and tools you
need in order to combine the best wealthbuilding vehicle in history
(real estate), with the best wealthbuilding vehicle of the future (the
Internet), and use that combination effectively to build financial
security for you and your family.

I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to share with you the
wealth of knowledge and experience that the SkyVault™ team
brings to the table. I promise you won't be disappointed

SPECIAL SIGNUP GIFT #1: As promised, here's your very own
copy of the new, just-released "Traffic Virus 3.0" - which
you can "brand" with your own web site address. Use this
complimentary software to build your own instant traffic
machine for FREE...

 SPECIAL SIGNUP GIFT #2: I thought you might also enjoy
this wonderful little ebook by Allen Says called, "A
Millionaires Secret". I find it very uplifting and motivating.
It's our gift to you - FREE with no strings attached.
Download it here: (Windows only)

Product of the Month:
Check out Mastery TV!

Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to an incredible website.
I've never seen anything like it.

It's TV on the Internet! And it's TV that makes a difference!

Click here to watch the demo that I saw... it's amazing!

Private Lenders: the Savvy Investor's Secret Weapon

Last issue, we discussed what "no money down" really means, and
some of the many reasons why there's no substitute for cash in real
estate investing. In fact, the more deals you're involved in, the more
you'll need access to cash - for operating expenses, deposits, down
payments, covering vacancies and utilities, remodeling costs, and
even closing costs.

But what if you're starting out or just don't have any money? Are you
out of the game? Absolutely not. What you need is the know-how
and the confidence to establish relationships and track records with
private lenders. Not hard money, but true private lenders. They're the
best-kept secret in real estate.

See, smart investors don't go near banks to fund their deals. They also
don't use their own cash or credit. They get all the money they want
from individuals....and get it faster and easier, with no limits on how
much they can borrow.

The private money you're looking for is lower cost with no points, is for
relatively long terms - typically 2 to 5 years, puts you in direct contact
with the lender in order to build relationships and gain referrals, and
allows maximum flexibility within the agreement if the need arises.

By contrast, hard money costs more in points, carries higher interest
rates, is short term (usually for only 6-12 month periods), often doesn't
allow for direct contact with the lender, and usually has more rigid terms -
especially if arranged through a mortgage broker.

Although it has its place, the high cost of these loans coupled with the
need to repay them quickly can often turn you into a motivated seller
yourself, causing you to accept a less profitable deal than you otherwise
would if you could afford to wait. (Hint: that's why they call it hard money.)

Where to find the cash
Private lenders are simply individuals that have money to invest and
want better returns than they are currently getting. They are amazingly
abundant, and they mainly fall into four groups:

Your inner circle - small business owners, coworkers, friends,
and relatives,

Busy professionals - doctors, dentists, attorneys, accountants,
insurance agents, and others with high incomes and very little time
available to manage their investments,

People with lots of idle assets - IRAs, home equity, or cash, and

Professional investors - the best source because they don't require
educating, and they can recognize a good deal quickly.

Locate these people through advertising, direct mail, referrals, courthouse
research, the yellow pages, the Chamber of Commerce, or even your local
real estate investor club (if you can get someone to share their names with
you. Be prepared, most won't.)

It's good to have more than one private lender in your pipeline, as they may
become fully invested and temporarily unavailable to you. Do your homework,
and show yourself to be knowledgeable about the things that matter to lenders.

Handle as many of the details - choosing a title agent, providing documents,
exit strategy, etc. - as you can, in order to make it as easy as possible for
your lender to say yes to your proposal.

Tip: Start in the 50K-to-200K range. Your lender won't be much interested in
anything under 50K because the amount of interest to be earned isn't worth
the effort. If you only need 10k-35K to complete a deal, try finding a second
deal and combining the two into one blanket loan.

Want more information? Alan Cowgill is an investor who's made finding private
money his specialty. You can find a home study system, along with lots of
information from big hitters like Ron Legrand, Lou Brown, and Kathy Kennebrook,

Finally, visit our online forum, ,
to post your deals and loan requests. We're a high traffic site, and lots of people
connect through our pages.

Ebook of the Month:
Build Massive Wealth Through Foreclosures

Our best selling ebook! This is Jeffrey Ringold's step-by-step
system for making great money in real estate foreclosures.
Most realtors and brokers don't even know this formula.

Your access to private money will allow you to take advantage
of many foreclosure deals that others won't be able to touch.
Use this system to help you find those deals!

No need to be a guru - the system works for ordinary people like
you and me. There are money making techniques here that work
even if you have terrible credit, no credit, and no upfront cash at
all. This is credible information based on real world experience.

For more information, Click here.

For Your Business in 2004
I was talking to my friend, Internet marketing expert
Corey Rudl, the other day and I was shocked at what he told

He has been working day and night testing new ideas and
strategies all year... Would you believe they've done 1,325
tests since January 1st!

But despite all the late nights and long hours, he said it
was totally worth it because he learned a TON from all the
strategies and ideas he tested.

That's how he's grown his online businesses to over $7.6 million
in online sales each year
and how he gets over 1.8 million
visitors to his web sites every month! (Yes, I said every month!)

And that's actually why I'm writing this today... I have
arranged the opportunity for you to "STEAL" the results of
these tests and start using them to increase your profits.

Because of our strong affiliate relationship with Corey and his
company, he has agreed to give SkyVault™ Update subscribers
a head start and use his brand-new, never before released
strategies that he has spent the last year secretly testing,

1. Step-by-step instructions you can use to start your very
own Internet business in as little as 48 hours!

2. How to build a top-selling web site... for less than $100!
No matter how small your budget is, Corey shows you the
cheapest ways to build a web site that sells!

3. Where to find hot products (in 20 minutes or LESS!) that
you can start selling TODAY! These in-demand products will
sell like hot cakes, no matter what your experience!

4. 100s of NO COST and cheap online tools, resources, and
software that you can use to automate your web site (and
save yourself at least 35 hours every week)!

5. How to get #1 rankings in the search engines and get tons
of NO COST traffic from the "Big Guys" like Google!

6. Secrets to writing sales copy that increases sales by 400%
(or MORE)!

7. Get 1,000s of NEW visitors to your web site... for FREE

.... and this is only 7 of literally hundreds of strategies
and tools that he is releasing for the first time ever.

To make sure you appreciate the enormous value of this, I
should tell you that just collecting this information took
Corey's team over 1,248 hours (I know that might sound
outrageous, but if you want to do the math, he had up to
7 people working on this at times, plus himself!)

Corey has the resources, staff, and time to find out what works
and what doesn't. Now we're in a position to benefit from his efforts.
I know these strategies are going to make our business tons
of extra income in 2004, and as our subscriber, I want to make
sure you experience the same rewards, so go to...

I highly recommend that you check it out... I managed to get
you a head start on these strategies, so I sincerely hope you
can take me up on this! I guarantee you'll be glad you did!

Invest Powerfully and Well...

P.S. And in typical Corey Rudl style, he has been generous
enough to let you test his strategies risk-free for a year.
If you don't like them (if for some reason you DON'T like
making money ;-) then you DO NOT PAY!

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win $10,000! Click here:
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   Your time is your most precious asset. Learn about software that can help you automate your entire business. Click here.

All content copyright 2004 by SkyVault™ Real Estate Group, LLC.
We accept no responsibility whatsoever for the content, profitability,
or legality of any third-party articles or ads published in the SkyVault™

Although every article has been selected for its content, the publishing
of any articles within this ezine does NOT constitute a recommendation
of the products or services mentioned *within* those articles.

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referred by one of our members, you have expressed to one of our
members an interest in real estate investing, wealth building, Internet
marketing, credit repair, or web site development, or you have made
a purchase or otherwise have an existing relationship with us. We
may have contacted you based on information provided on your web
site. To be removed from this list, simply send a blank email to
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***************************************************************************** Helping you create a wealth-based retirement by combining hi-tech tools
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