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As you may know, I am a big believer in "letting the software do the work for you." Anything I can do to automate my business systems is tops on my list. My suggestion: Don't have your day taken up by daily chores -- let the machine do it !

Now, I say this not because I am lazy (well, maybe just a little), but because the key issue here is that you want to spend your time doing the important things such as marketing, promoting, testing ads, etc. (things which make you money and grow your business)!

Don't take this lightly; think about it. What makes your business grow; doing tedious daily tasks like processing orders, filling requests, importing information into your database, etc... OR promoting your business to generate sales and growth, as well as expanding your network?

I want software that will automatically turn itself on in the morning, check my e-mail, and process any information requests, subscribe and unsubscribe people to my newsletter, import my customers' order form (and survey form) information into my customer database, process any autoresponder and e-mail forwarding requests, etc. - before I even get to work!

That just leaves me with personal e-mail to take care of when I get to my computer in the morning. And if I want to e-mail my customers or potential clients (from ads I have run), I want software that, with a push of a button, will automatically mail merge my entire customer database information into mass personalized e-mail (like "Hi John, thanks for your inquiry on October 20th, 2001"... etc.).

If you have Corey Rudl's Internet Marketing course, you know the importance of "follow-up" offers and why it is critically important to stay in touch with your customers continually.

Software that can do this will make your business VERY profitable. As you may already know, more than 50% of your net profits will come from follow-up offers, if you do it right.

How about software that will post your ad to 15 newsgroups every week (without getting cancelled by the cancel-bots)? And the list just goes on.

Well, there is software which will do everything just mentioned (and much more). We use it every day, and it has been solely responsible for making Corey's business over $70,000 so far this year. It is called "Mailloop" and I highly recommend that you click here now to learn more about it (you will be pleasantly surprised).


Internet Success Story — Corey Rudl

Fact #1: Corey made $7,600,000 (that's $7.6 million) last year in online sales with his businesses.

Fact #2: Corey turned a failing product into $500,000 per year on the Internet.

Fact #3: Corey attracts over 1.8 million visitors to his sites... every month!

Corey Rudl

Fact #4: Corey has published the #1 best-selling Internet Marketing Course online for SIX years straight!

Fact #5: Corey has just released his latest research, his most recent testing, and his most profitable secrets to the public for the first time ever!

Click here now to read his story...


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