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The Virginia Real Estate Investors Association (VREIA) is an Internet-based real estate investing group. Its team-oriented, hands-on dealmaking approach is geared toward assisting members in developing a "cooperative investing" mindset.

VREIA's mission is reflected in our motto: "Let's Do Deals!" We are committed to helping all members achieving their financial goals through the combined use of real estate investing and web based marketing strategies.


VREIA offers investors a cooperative, rather than a competitive, method of operation. Members are encouraged to retain their memberships in their local offline Investor groups, and to be actively involved in order to further their educational and networking goals.


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Meeting Schedule: In order to better serve our worldwide membership, VREIA utilizes a "virtual" schedule. We use forums, webinars, teleseminars, email, blogs, rss feeds, and other communication methods to build the connections in our member network.


Take advantage of our resources and retire rich. Combine hi-tech tools with time-tested creative real estate investing techniques to break the restraints of the "Baby Boomer Financial Trap".


Got a Property for Sale? List it in the "Properties Available" section of this site - a visually attractive, highly publicized resource for completing your deals. Members are invited to submit their properties at no charge by clicking here. Digital photos, web sites, and any helpful details are encouraged.








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