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   From the Desk of:
Lance T. Walker, IBC

Dear Aspiring Wealth Builder:

Welcome, and congratulations! You are about to receive information that will forever separate you from the pack of wannabe wealth-seekers in the world.

You now have the opportunity to learn how to turn your knowledge (or someone else's) into real, substantial, income.

You see, the reality is, in an information-based economy, labor is worth less and less in the marketplace. Meanwhile, knowledge and time are worth more and more. Your greatest asset is what you know. Isn't it time you started taking advantage of this fact?

This information has been prepared solely for those who are serious about discovering secrets of creating large incomes - secrets that others have spent many years, and many thousands of dollars, to obtain.

Hi...my name is Lance T. Walker. I'm a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, and a cardholding member of the American Legion.

I'm also a licensed real estate agent that happens to hold certifications in marketing communications, electronics engineering, computer networking, and multimedia design.

But you know what? I fully realize that none of that matters to you right now. The only reason I tell you any of it is so that you will know you're dealing with somebody that knows their stuff firsthand, not some slick 14-year old with a laptop and some cut-and-paste skills.

What I'm about to share with you is knowledge that separates the winners from the losers in business - online or off. This information comes straight from the trenches - the real world of business, investment, and wealth-building.


Can You Benefit from using this system?

The information in this powerful package is not for everyone.

It is specifically intended for:

  • Online business owners who want their site to be a serious source of income;

  • Real estate professionals who want to outperform their competition and add "Digital Real Estate" profits to their earnings;

  • Offline Entrepreneurs who want to spend less time with coworkers, and more time with their families;

  • Internet marketers, consultants, and promoters preparing web plans for their employers or clients;

  • Web Designers and Developers who love building great web sites, but aren't quite as interested in promoting them;

  • Web team members looking to make a bigger contribution by adding marketing savvy to the team's capabilities;

  • Job seekers needing to add a skill set in order to beef up their resumes and step to the next level; and

  • Telecommuters who want the freedom and control that comes from actually generating an income from home.


If you're still reading this, I now know that you're a lot like me. You're here because you're asking the same question I asked for years every time I looked at my paycheck: "Is that all there is?"

You're always dreaming of working less and making more - so you can get on with the other things in your life that matter. Things like family, friends, church, personal interests, and making a difference in your community.

But you know those things will never happen if you just kept working more and more hours trying to chase a buck, and falling asleep exhaused on the sofa every night. There simply has to be a better way. Other people are making it, so it has to be possible.

After all, other people aren't any smarter than you. They just know things you don't know...yet.

Back in the go-go 90's, I was right where you are. I had a "good job", I kept my nose clean, and I went to work faithfully every day. But the experience of the dot-com crash, and the stock market drop of 2000, convinced me that I needed a risk-free way of generating income that worked whether I had a job or not - and whether times were good or bad.

And, I'm happy to tell you there is a way; the Spiral Marketing system!

In fact, years of testing have proven that this system actually performs even better in tough times than in good times, because you're able to position yourself as a bona fide expert in your field. And people always seek out the experts during the tough times!

I believe this unique money-making system to be one of the most powerful ever created. I know, because I'm using it myself right now - and have been for the last four years!

I am pleased to make the eye-opening keys to this incredible system available to you in the NEW e-book, Spiral Marketing: An Internet-Powered Cash Flow System.

This easy-to-read manual is loaded with just about everything I've ever learned about Product Creation, Selling Online, and the never-before-seen science of Spiral Marketing. It's jam-packed with tons of secrets for aggressively making money on autopilot - secrets I am now able to share with you.

You can start with literally nothing, and be bringing in tens of thousands of dollars in just a matter of months. And the beauty of it is, when the economy is in a down cycle - as it inevitably is from time to time - this system works even better.

So if you're tired of an uncertain future, the corporate downsizing, the layoffs; if you're frustrated with not having enough money to pay the bills;

If you really want to stay home and run your own business - and earn much more than your husband or wife does on their job - then this information is the goldmine you've been searching for.

Spiral Marketing: An Internet-Powered Cash Flow System will show you how to create a hot-selling product (or find one), how to set up your web site and ecommerce vehicles, where to advertise, what to say in your ads, who to contact for maximum exposure, and how to put the whole system on autopilot.



Spiral Marketing: An Internet-Powered Cash Flow System
is stuffed full of all the information you'll need, including:

What Spiral Marketing is, and why it's the most powerful selling system ever created.
How to not only get people to come to your web site (or affiliate site) in droves, but literally "force" them to come back time after time to buy more from you.
How to write print ads that pre-sell.
How to set up your web site for free, using simple tools.
Ways to place your ad in hundreds of publications at the same time.
My own proven secrets of generating power income. They can make you rich.
How to fine tune your ads for maximum profits.
Where to test your ads FREE before spending money on large circulation publications.


What NOT to attempt to sell online. Find or create products that SELL so you don't waste time and money.
How to supercharge the front and back ends of your marketing. Use the twin levers of technology and knowledge to leave your competition in the dust.
The secrets of electronic upselling: how to make even more profit after the first sale.
How to write your web copy so people will actually read it. Skip this step, and your ad will NOT work.
How to make a FORTUNE with 3-word classifieds. Incredible, but real - you MUST see this!

But that's not all! You'll also discover:

Where to get a no-cost Merchant Account that ANYONE can obtain. (Take credit card payments online with no credit check!)
Where to find simple-to-use, awesome software that will allow you to create your entire system online. You'll also be able to tell at a glance how much profit each of your ads is generating — and it does all the work for you!
Over 100 of the most powerful selling words to use in your ad copy.
How to increase your price and make more sales than before. Don't leave money on the table!


How to write copy that seduces the mind and activates emotions so people feel compelled to BUY (this should increase your orders by at least 25%).
Why gluttony sells online. Yes, gluttony.
How to profit from greed, pride, laziness, anger, envy, and lust.
How to increase your profits up to 25% or more - for FREE.
Who to contact if you need help.
Easy ways to profit from selling other people's products - even if hundreds of other people are already doing it!



Sure, I could have broken up all this information into a dozen separate ebooks (in fact, I've been advised to do just that, and maybe one day I will), but I figure there's enough material out there telling only part of the story. If I'm going to help you become successful in your wealth-building efforts, I might as well tell you everything you need to know to get started right.

After all, who knows, maybe you and I will be working together on a joint venture one day. It happens all the time. And I'll sure feel better knowing you're a knowledgeable, educated partner, capable of carrying your share of the load. That spells success for both of us.

(In fact, if you'd like to make great money helping me spread the word about Spiral Marketing, you can click here to join my affiliate program right now! You don't even have to own a web site!)

I've compiled the entire Spiral Marketing system into an easy to read, instantly downloadable PDF electronic format - viewable on virtually every computer platform, including Windows, Mac, Palm OS and Pocket PC.

This Insider's Package, with over 110 pages of "this is how you do it" information, is a steal at the regular price of only $79.97. But, if you order today -- right now -- I'll give you the whole incredible nuts-and-bolts system for

Special Price
Save $40.00
Not $79.97


That's right - less than the price of an OK steak dinner for two! My colleagues think I'm nuts to give away this much knowledge for so little!

Order before midnight
, and you'll also get these
5 Special Bonuses! If you're serious about increasing your
income, this is a package you simply have to have!

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Add Audio to Your Web Site for FREE - and boost your sales instantly. No joke, no hype. Did you know that ecommerce sites that feature an audio track sell three times as much as silent ones? (We're putting our recordings together right now.) Get ahead of the crowd. With this special bonus, worth over $129, you won't even have to write a check to do it.

How to Add Hundreds of Targeted Customers to Your Email List Using the Power of Joint Ventures - Would you like to get 300 customers in the next two weeks? Are you willing to follow four steps to using joint ventures? Do you need to build your email list fast? Then this is the publication you've been waiting for. Success is a team game; discover how partnering with others can greatly speed up the process. Value of this one: priceless.

Spiral Marketing: An Internet-Powered Cash Flow System
contains all the information you need - plus the tools to make it happen!

Order now and download the complete system, the 5 Special Bonuses a copy of my 100% Money Back Guarantee, and more - instantly!

Download "Spiral Marketing: An Internet-Powered Cash Flow System"
Immediately And Start Your Online Business Today



ROCK SOLID MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: I'm so convinced you will make money with this system that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. Read my book, follow the instructions step-by-step, and place just one ad. I'll give you a full 90 days to get it done. If you don't make a profit with my system on your very first ad, drop me a line and I will refund 100% of the money you paid - and you get to KEEP all the free Special Bonuses. That's how confident I am that my system will work for you. This book will supply you with all the knowledge and tools you need
to succeed! Don't put it off - Get started today!


Instant Access - Here's How to Get Yours NOW!

YES! Send me "Spiral Marketing: An Internet-Powered Cash Flow System", in instant electronic downloadable format.

Also send me the Five Special Bonuses, and a copy of your 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Plus, your personal information is completely private and SAFE. I do not, and will not, share this information with anyone!


Much Success,
Lance T. Walker

P.S. If you came to this Web site looking for information on how to make use of the Internet to generate large profits - online or off, this ebook is for you. No other resource offers such professional, in-depth insight into this exciting method. And you can order it here right now! Order my system, use it, and you will succeed. Once you see how well this works, use my system to place all the ads you want, and make all the money you can enjoy.

Remember, you'll be using the same system I'm using right now. Lots of Fortune 500 companies use this strategy every day. Spiral Marketing works. You can change your life, starting today. I can help, but only you can make it happen for you and your family. ORDER NOW.

P.P.S. Remember, you get the complete marketing system with tons of secret methods, contacts, and hush-hush information straight from the real world of Internet-powered Direct Marketing. Plus, you get all 5 digital bonuses delivered online right to your computer. You get hundreds of dollars' worth of special free bonuses just for trying this system out....

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You can still keep all of the Special Bonuses...since they are digitally delivered and cannot be returned, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking action today...

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