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10/20/05 Edition

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  How to Build Your Free House

Here's the ultimate real estate investing technique!

How would you like to buy the land, place the order
for the construction of your dream house, get other
people to do all the work, get other people to PAY
FOR IT, and best of all, do it over and over again
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Success at warp speed - sounds good, doesn't it?

A couple of weeks ago, I got word about a secret way to make fast money in real estate using a New Business Line of Credit instead of cash. Now, before you say, "there are no real estate secrets", keep in mind my definition of a secret is anything I don't know about yet...

Well, I never knew before that you could do business like this, and I was totally blown away.

You don't need cash or personal collateral. And you don't even need a good credit score. This is information big guns like Donald Trump have known forever, but never shared. And a guy by the name of Thomas Kish figured it all out and bought and sold 5 Million Dollars worth of real estate in less than 2 years.

Tom is now teaching ordinary people like you and me "How To Beat The System In Real Estate." And, if you've ever dreamed of making it big and retiring rich (and sooner), you're going to want to sign up for this program right away.

You get mentored from start to finish on how to set up a successful real estate business. There are live teleconference calls where you can get your questions answered. And you get an entire toolbox of marketing information. I have never seen a system as foolproof - and fast working.

Here's a copy of a letter that explains the program better than I ever could. Do yourself a favor and read it immediately. It could give you the freedom you desire -- faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Lance T. Walker

How You Can Create Cash Flow Out of Thin Air!
From the Desk of Thomas Kish,

Hi Friend,

Crazy as it may sound .

. there really is something that can create cash flow out of thin air. And it has nothing to do with a magic wand or pulling rabbits out of a hat.

It has to do with the use of credit - but not in the way you are probably thinking.

The fact is that the proper use of your credit is often the most misunderstood concept in real estate investing.

What you need to know - and what I can teach you - is how to use a newly created business name to go out and get business credit cards and lines of credit for your real estate investing activities.

Your personal credit profile will NOT be affected when you use these UNSECURED business credit cards!

All the debt on this special kind of credit card is, in effect, invisible. So, unlike your personal credit cards, your credit score never goes down if you are using business lines of credit instead of personal credit.

Go look at exactly how this system works at,

One of my favorite ways to maximize cash flow in every piece of real estate I own is by using business credit cards to pay operating expenses.

Want to know why I love this?

1. No matter how much I charge on these business cards, this debt has no impact on my credit score.

2. Low cost to access cash from business lines of credit, unlike your typical home refinance charges.

3. I want to defer cash expenses until the property is sold, even if that is not for 5 years.

4. Everyone gets a much better cash on cash return when you defer expenses with business credit cards and unsecured lines of credit. Look at what my clients have to say about this system at, http://www.skyvaultpublishing.com/LDDNet/cashflow.html

5. In many cases, my mortgage forces me to make a principal payment every month. So now I can return that cash flow back into my pocket without costly refinance charges every 2 years.

6. And finally, because I can triple my cash flow every month. Which lets me purchase more great real estate 3 times faster, and retire in luxury 20 years sooner than the average American.

How could you not love it!

Real estate can provide people with great net worth on paper, but no liquidity. That means your profits are a fantasy unless you sell.

By understanding how to use business credit cards, you can make yourself rich in REAL DOLLARS right NOW.

To learn more about where to get these UNSECURED business lines of credit for investing, go to: http://www.skyvaultpublishing.com/LDDNet/cashflow.html

And see why my "HOW TO BEAT THE SYSTEM" in real estate investing is the ultimate NO MONEY DOWN system that will make you rich quickly.

When you buy real estate with cash from a unsecured business line of credit, you are a CASH BUYER. But you have not used any of your own money for the down payment.

Don't limit your real estate investing to gimmicks like "creative financing."

Buy anything you want with REAL CASH. Just go out and get it using "HOW TO BEAT THE SYSTEM" in real estate investing. Click on: http://www.skyvaultpublishing.com/LDDNet/cashflow.html
And make your dreams appear.

I did it, my clients did it, and you can, too!

Thomas Kish, President

Note: For general CashFlowExperts questions, please call David Hult,
Operations Manager at 612-702-2747

About Thomas Kish .

Now a full time real estate investor, Tom has bought and sold over 5 Million Dollars worth of real estate in less than 2 years.

Tom is a bona fide expert in using new business lines of credit instead of cash to buy real estate. There is no one else teaching anything like this SYSTEM!

   Eliminate the middleman!

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Ebook of the Month: A HUGE Bonus You Can't Get Anywhere Else

Lots of people want to get into real estate investing, but never get around to actually doing a deal.

And now with the market appearing to change a bit, there is a temptation to think the opportunity may be gone.

Truth is, we can spend 40 years listening to seminars and going to boot camps, but if we're always looking for an excuse to not perform, there will always be one.

There's lots of money to be made in any market - up or down - but at the end of the day, the people who actually make money and do deals have the courage that comes from knowing how to do two things well:

1) How to find pretty properties at wholesale prices, and

2) How to gain control of those properties once they find them!

What if you could find, buy, and sell beautiful homes for literally pennies on the dollar - all with no tenants, no fixups, and no bad neighborhoods?

And what if there was a painless way to secure your dream home or first investment property - with no cash or credit?

Are you ready to make more money in less time? Are you ready to get in the game?

Then click here for an offer you won't find anywhere else on the Net:


Invest powerfully and well,

Regional Director, SkyVault™

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