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The SkyVault™ Update:
Where Real Estate Meets e-Business
Tools, information, and technology for wealth builders.
06/14/05 Edition

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3. Article: What Do Rich People Know that You Don't?
Article: New Joint Venture Course
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

OK, here's a question for you that you've probably asked yourself
many times:

What do rich people know that you don't?

Throughout most of human history, there have always been the
wealthy people...and everyone else. Before the industrial age,
wealth was measured by land, property, livestock, precious
stones, and many other ways.

Today, we define wealth mainly in terms of cash, investments,
property, and residual income. The definition is basically the
same, and everyday the divide between the "haves" and the
"have-nots" keeps growing wider and wider.

Have you ever wondered what wealthy people know that you don't?

Have you ever had that feeling that if you could just take a
"tour" through the mind and thoughts of a truly wealthy person,
you could figure out the "secret formula" and use it to change your
life and your family's life in profound ways?

What if someone could present you with a complete action plan for
getting from where you are right now to your personal definition
of total success?

I am offering you exactly that! An official, all-access pass into the
wealthy mindset so you can figure out how the wealthy are "wired"
for success, and how they seem to attract riches, rather than
"working for a living."

Today you have the opportunity to take a real, step-by-step,
CLOSE-UP look at the traits that ALL rich people share. Traits that,
when combined, will produce True Wealth... And then see how YOU,
too, can profit from these little-known, closely-guarded secrets!

I am literally handing you the chance to see what it is really like to
think like a wildly successful entrepreneur, and finally start to realize
your goals by changing from a mindset of someone who works for
money, to the mindset of the rich and happy - people
who put money to work for THEM!

Literally thousands of people have already been enlightened by
the information you are about to read. Their lives were touched
by this information in ways that cannot be explained with words

So are you ready to see what's REALLY preventing you from
acquiring true wealth and financial security? Are you ready to
change your life today?

Then follow this link to your future:

A Road to Financial Freedom

Lance T. Walker


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book,ebook, report or course that will win you more customers than
your competition. Imagine handing your customer a booklet authored
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Article: New Joint Venture Course

Part of the beauty of combining real estate investing with online
marketing is how often the two can be combined in unexpected,
highly profitable ways.

Many people think they have to succeed on their own, especially
in real estate. But I believe that all business, especially real estate,
is a game where good teams outperform good individuals every time.

Since you are in my inner circle of teammates and friends, I wanted
you to be the first to hear about a revolutionary new multimedia
training product that has just been released. It's called...

"Crash Course in Joint Ventures"

What's Great About This Product

This product is the "Physicians Desk Reference" of Joint Venture
information. It combines Text, Audio and DVD-quality Video - together
in one package. This increases your learning ability by 500% over
traditional ebook and audio programs.

Every small business owner, whether online or offline, can take
advantage of this information. Just ONE of the techiques in this training
course can skyrocket your profits - no matter what product or service
you are promoting.

You can even use techniques in this training course if they don't yet have
a product of your own. All you need is the desire to use this information.

This is the most innovative product to come along in quite some time.
Check it out now:

"Crash Course in Joint Ventures"

Who Created This Product

Scott Britner, a brilliant marketer and software developer, is on a
mission. He uses his software skills to create useful and powerful
marketing tools that anyone can master with only a little effort.

Scott is the genius behind Headline Creator Pro and Ad Creator Pro.
Along with his wife Melissa, Scott used the amazing power of JV
marketing to raise $10,000 in just 18 days to buy digital hearing aids
for their beautiful children Tyler and Destiny.

Marc Goldman (along with his wife Terry) is the 31-year-old co-owner
of Goldbar Enterprises, Inc. Marc is considered by many to be one of
the world’s foremost experts on JV Marketing. He built his business
up almost solely using JV marketing principles and he practices what
he preaches. Marc has used JV techniques to market software,
non-profit businesses, golf tournaments, ebooks, marketing courses
and seminars.

Take advantage of this incredible training product and explode your
business. Check it out now.

"Crash Course in Joint Ventures"

What's in it for you

On this amazing CD, you will have access to many of the advanced
and exciting Joint Venture secrets that Marc & Terry Goldman have
acquired over their 10 years in the direct marketing business, including:

• How to use other peoples money to COMPLETELY finance the
purchase of land, businesses or real estate.

• The secret to big time “Corporate Joint Ventures”. Find out how
to apply what the big boys know to your business.

• Think offering a “Free service” on your site is a played out
technique? Uncover an incredible JV technique to turn freebie
seekers into buyers every time.

• The Number 1 reason new marketers FAIL and how to use the
awesome power of the Four Pillars of JV Marketing to overcome
this “Business Killer”.

• The Incredible, Never Revealed Before JV Techniques that Marc
& Terry used to unleash an onslaught of sales for their JV Secrets
Revealed course.

• How to use OPE to get others to work for you for FREE. Pull
back the curtains on this technique and you will never ever have
to worry where your next dollar is coming from.

• The amazing techniques that Marc & Terry used to leverage off
of Other Peoples Time during their Joint Venture seminar. Can
you get other people to devote their energies and efforts to your
projects? You better believe you can.

Just ONE of these techniques made Scott Britner $10,000 in 18 days
with his first product. Get your copy now...

"Crash Course in Joint Ventures"

Lance T. Walker

P.S. - Please let me know if there's anything I can do to assist you!


Ebook of the Month:
How much would it be worth to you to sit down for an hour
and pick the brain of a publicity expert or professional
journalist like

* former LA radio talk show host Joel Roberts,

* former Milwaukee Business Journal editor Joan Stewart,

* Fox News Dallas TV reporter Jeff Crilley

* publicist Robert Smith, "The PR Doctor"

* author/PR expert Marcia Yudkin

* Internet PR expert Don Crowther

and many more media and marketing professionals...

Surely it would be worth more than $9.95, wouldn't it?

But that's all it will cost to learn the secrets of getting
free publicity for yourself or your business from these
PR all-stars.

Right now, former TV anchor and radio talk show host George
McKenzie is offering 14 of his most popular "Publicity
Goldmine" teleseminars -- on CD -- for only $9.95 each
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Go to to check it out.

This material is drawn from George's 32 years of experience
in TV and radio news. It will teach you the secrets of
making the mass media your own personal advertising
agency...except you won't have to pay a dime for the free
exposure and publicity your business gets by using his
strategies and

Go to

Yours truly,

Regional Director, SkyVault™

PS - It would normally cost you at least $200 an hour to get
the information from these folks that you can get today for
only $9.95 (plus S&H).

PPS - These are hard copy CD programs you can listen to in
your car. They normally retail for $29.95. That means you
can get them -- for a limited time -- for a 67% discount.

Check it out at

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