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The SkyVault™ Update:
Where Real Estate Meets e-Business
Tools, information, and technology for profitable real estate investing.
03/20/04 Edition

If you know other Entrepreneurs, Investors, Agents, Students, or anyone else
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Hello Everyone,

Thanks to all the new Subscribers on board this month.
Our mission is to provide you with the information and tools
you need in order to combine the best wealthbuilding
vehicle in history (real estate), with the best wealthbuilding
vehicle of the future (the Internet), and use that combination
effectively to build financial security for you and your family.

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SPECIAL SIGNUP GIFT #4: I thought you might also enjoy
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SPECIAL SIGNUP GIFT #5: "Ron Legrand Articles 1". This ebook
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estate gurus, Ron Legrand. It covers everything from selling
houses fast, to succeeding in real estate with no money or
credit. A must-have for your library, and you get it as my gift
to you.
Download it here: (PDF file)


Real Estate Marketing Strategy:
How To Get All Of Your Advertising For FREE and Generate A Steady Stream
Of Easy Referral Business

Here's an amazing simple strategy that can easily increase your
income by $3,000 to $5,000 per month, or more, with almost no
effort on your part. Plus, an added bonus, this one strategy
will generate a continuing stream of easy referral business.

Does this sound too good to be true? Believe me, it's not.
Hundreds of agents are already using this strategy effectively
to create an ongoing stream of referral business plus an
additional stream of income.

What is this amazing simple strategy? Simply...

Leverage your existing relationships with your "affiliated
partners" to generate an ongoing stream of referrrals, and at the
same time, get them to pay for your site through advertising.

Buying or selling a house creates a whole list of issues that
your clients have to deal with. Most of these issues force the
client to deal with numerous other businesses:

- They'll want to retain a mortgage broker to get best possible
- They'll want to hire a real estate attorney or title company to
close the deal
- They should have the new property inspected by a professional
home inspector
- They'll have to hire a moving company
- A third party home warranty may reduce any uncertainty with the
new home
- They may want to fix up their current home to increase its sale
value (painter, general contractor, cleaner)
- They may want to make any number of improvements to their new
home (painter, landscaping, renovator, carpet installation,
drapes/blinds, hardware store, etc.)
- When moving to a larger home, new furniture will often be

You may already have arrangements with some of these businesses
to mutually refer customers. If not, you should seriously
consider creating alliances with local businesses-- they can be
an incredibly productive source for new business. If you do,
formalizing the relationship is sure to improve your cash flow
and lead to a constant stream of easy referral business.

Visit the SuccessWebsite MEMBERS-ONLY Online Marketing Center.
This valuable resource contains hundreds of proven ways to
promote your website and your business. New tools, reports,
insider secrets, and checklists are added all the time.

Real Estate Buying Strategy:
Buy a Home for What You'd Pay in Rental Deposit

Want to own a home, but don't have the down payment?

Buy your next home with your rent deposit money.

It's not about fixing up somebody's run-down shack in a bad part of town. The real secrets to no-money-down purchasing are in how you buy, and in getting zero-down home loans that the mortgage banker has - but won't tell you about unless you know what to ask for.

Step-by-step details. No nonsense. Stop listening to people who tell you it can't be done, and start listening to the people who are doing it. If you really want a piece of the American Dream, this is knowledge you have to have.

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Marketing Product of the Month:

It's simple. If you're selling anything online, you need traffic. The more traffic you have, the more sales you'll make.

But how to get people to your site? One of the best ways is viral marketing - getting other people to spread the word about your site. The results are exponential!

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Next Issue: Escaping the "Baby Boomer Financial Trap"...
See you there!

Invest Powerfully and Well...

Regional Director
SkyVault™ Real Estate Group, LLC


   Selling online? Your time is your most precious asset. Learn about software that can help you automate your entire business. Click here.

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