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Breaking the Financial Trap; Part IV

What Really Works; Business Ownership and Investing

Of the four ways to earn money in a capitalism-based economy, business ownership and investing are the only safe, secure options with the potential to offer a large income and the time to enjoy it - in other words, lifestyle.

Some people may not be thrilled with either option. If that includes you, all I can say is, the facts are the facts. Don't let your comfort zone prevent you from doing what you need to do in order to attain the financial freedom you and your family deserve.

Whether we like it or not, capitalism rewards those who pay the price to learn how capital works - and then acquire some. This is simply a reality to be faced. We can benefit from accepting reality, or we can suffer the consequences of denying it - it's that simple.

Owning a Business...

For our purposes, I am defining "business ownership" as heading an operation that is self-perpetuating. In other words, if you leave your company for six months, it's actually bigger when you get back. There are two main ways to accomplish this: you can

1) Buy a system (typically called a franchise) and hire employees, with all the hassles, effort, paperwork, and risk involved, OR

2) Build a system, an Internet-driven system, that utilizes both spiral and viral marketing methods to build a strong, ongoing, almost-autopilot income.

It's your choice, but having done both, I recommend you choose the second option.

A system based around a legitimate, Internet-powered home-based business provides you with the following advantages:

Little to no startup capital
Flexible hours (often far less than your full time job)
• Quality lifestyle (your kids actually get to see what you look like in daylight)
• No employees needed (get technology working for you instead of against you)
• Minimal overhead
• Multiple tax breaks
• Be your own boss

• Eliminate the commute (this one alone makes it all worthwhile for me!)
• Cash flow - fast.


Investing with real estate...

Investing is the art of getting your money to work for you, instead of you having to work for your money. For example, if you were to purchase and improve a 10-unit apartment building, the rents your receive every month represent ongoing rewards for having made that investment. That's having your money work hard for you...while your tenants work hard for their money.

Real estate income property offers these unique investment advantages:

• Monthly Income (often with taxes deferred on your positive cash flow)
• Preservation of Capital (Real estate doesn’t go to ZERO like stocks can)
• Leveraged returns (you invest 10-20% of the value of the property, but it appreciates based on the total purchase price. No margin calls like in the stock market)
• Tax deferral opportunities - for both capital gains and for deductions against income from other sources.

Did you know that more millionaires are made during times of economic strife than at any other? You are literally one deal away from a serious improvement in your bank account - once you learn how it's done.


Now put it all together

As you can see, both owning a business and investing in real estate are smart, effective ways to build financial freedom for yourself and your family.

But what if you were to combine the two? What if you could do both in the same amount of time it takes to do one? That, my friends, is the essence of the Millennium System™ - use the miracle of modern technology to enhance the effectiveness of the greatest wealth builder known to man.

In Summary - three facts you should consider carefully:

#1: Real estate is undeniably the best wealthbuilding vehicle in history.
#2: The Internet is undeniably the best cashflow vehicle ever created.
#3: Using both together is the surest, most risk-free way to obtain financial security for yourself and your family.

The sheer power of this simple concept is staggering in its potential. And the real beauty of it is, you don't have to learn both techniques in order to get started! Just pick one, and let it teach you the other.

A) Build an Real Estate Investing business with Internet support - OR,

B) Build an E-business selling products or services related to Real Estate Investing.



Let's say you're interested in first becoming a successful real estate investor. Start by educating yourself with a high quality course such as this one. Then, begin to locate investment-grade properties, promote your properties for sale, and connect with buyers, funders, and investors anywhere in the world.

As you become comfortable locating and marketing your real estate deals online, you will begin to find ways to apply the same techniques to any product or service.

On the other hand, suppose you prefer to learn the Internet marketing ropes first. Great. Click here discover a plan that will take you from zero to sixty almost overnight. The Web is a self-teaching mechanism, and all you need is a computer and an Internet connection to get rolling.

Next, I suggest you get ahead of the pack by concentrating on learning to aggressively promote online - without having to pay a cent for advertising.

Then, once you're comfortable, simply select a real estate-related product or service to sell! As you choose various materials to market to your niche, and familiarize yourself with them, you will simultaneously teach yourself the real estate investing business!

Finally, use the web to learn how to keep and protect what you earn.

It's like being paid to get a college education!

Do you have what it takes to build your wealth?

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