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Escaping the "Baby Boomer Financial Trap"
Lance T. Walker, letsdodeals.net

Does this sound familiar?

You've got a parent (or two) in assisted living, a nursing home, or convalescent care. The insurance is either very limited or completely gone. Their life savings, if any, are dwindling to exhaustion. You don't even want to think about what's left of your inheritance...

At the same time, you wonder if your children will be inheriting anything from you in the future. Right now it's all you can do to deal with their college costs (if you're lucky). If not, you're dealing with their rehab expenses, their bail money requirements - or that sweet grandchild you never expected so soon...

Add to this your own healthcare needs, trying to maintain - or just find - a stable love relationship, and the burden of living from paycheck to paycheck on a salary whose buying power has actually declined over the last 20 years! Jobs keep disappearing, and now we're in a "war on terror" that's sucking hundreds of billions of dollars (so far) out of the economy...

Sound scary? It should.

That squeeze you're feeling is what we call the "Baby Boomer Financial Trap", and it's in full effect. You're not alone, either - there are over 76 billion of us feeling the same pressures. Every 7.5 seconds, a baby boomer turns 50, with thoughts of retirement looming ever larger in our minds.

And with pensions now all but nonexistent, government services constantly being cut back, and with Social Security more and more in doubt, we all share the same gut feeling: we're going to have to make some REAL money - and soon - or face the real prospect of a life in poverty as we get older. This fear leads many to gamble in the stock market, with decidedly mixed results.

The good news is, there is a way out. The cage does have a door. And the price for your freedom, the price to escape into the sunshine of wealth and financial security, is the simple willingness to change the way we think - a "paradigm shift", if you will.

Most of all, we must be willing to let go of the idea that one source of income, the job, will sustain us in a prosperous lifestyle. That reality is long gone, and most likely won't be back in our lifetimes. We must adapt to the concept of "multiple streams of income", and we must become willing to generate income with our knowledge as well as our effort.

The solution to the Baby Boomer Financial Trap is found by using a combination of tools and technology to open the lock. Here, in brief, is the essence of the "escape plan":

1) Stay with your job, at least temporarily, in order to meet your daily needs and maintain a positive mental outlook.

2) Build an Internet-powered business that generates the income needed to supplement, and eventually replace, the job.

3) Execute a creative real estate investing strategy that builds your retirement nest egg, while requiring little or none of your money out of pocket.

The logic is simple: if you combine the best cash flow vehicle ever invented (the
Internet) with the best wealth builder ever known (real estate), you absolutely have
to succeed.

Sound difficult? It's not. It will take some work, and a change in thinking, but it's quite do-able. Turns out, some of your neighbors and coworkers have been doing it for years. In fact, it's being done every day by people whose names you probably

Check out any real estate "guru" you can think of (Carlton Sheets, Ron Legrand, Russ Whitney, and Ted Ciuba come to mind), and you'll find they're generating large incomes with an online business that may or may not be real estate related.

Take a close look at a successful pro athlete or financial "guru" (like Warren Sapp, Carl Malone, Anthony Robbins, or Robert Kiyosaki, for example), and guess what? Chances are, they're boosting their incomes by selling stuff online and investing in real estate.

So my question for you is this: now that you know the secret to escaping the Baby Boomer Financial Trap, what are you going to do with it?

Those who would strip you of your wealth, and leave you debt-ridden and destitute are busy night and day. So don't delay. Invest in your real-world education, start building your home based business, and take control of your life.

Start with an online resource center, like letsdodeals.net . Use this information to set up and run an Internet-powered retirement planning system. Make more money, work from home, and attain the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

You now have a choice. You can stand in line and take what they give you, or you can seize control of your own destiny - starting now.

, designed from the ground up as a resource center where you can find answers to your questions, both general and specific. You now have easy access to information, tools, and contacts. We urge you to take advantage - quickly.

Explore the marketing, investing, and financial resources at your fingertips. Invest in your real-world education. Build your home based business, and take control of your life.

You now have a choice. You can stand in line and take what they give you, or you can seize control of your own destiny - starting now.

We are the generation of change, the generation of progress.

Look deep inside yourself. Will you be able to face your parents - your kids - your peers at the next reunion - if you don't buckle down and succeed?

Face it: can you really afford NOT to be rich?

About the Author:
A noted writer and e-business consultant, Lance T. Walker is also a publisher, realtor, former Silicon Valley dot-com insider, and proud U.S. Air Force veteran. He has been helping entrepreneurs develop income-producing 'real estate' online and off since 1997. His latest book, and a free 5-part wealthbuilding e-course, are available at



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