Speaking invitation for Authors — 813-283-1193

Hello Authors and Speakers,

My partners and I are about to launch a massive project, and I
thought you might want to get in on it. It’s a good old-fashioned
seminar road tour, covering 26 cities across the U.S. over a 14-
month period, from September of 2008 to November 2009.

We’re calling it the “Dare to Double Your Income” Tour, and it’s
the kind of committed effort that’s designed to help change the
lives of a whole lot of people for the better, while creating some
household names at the same time.

We’ll be doing six weekday seminars (two a day for three days),
plus a two-day weekend workshop in each location. We’ve set aside
time blocks in the schedule for one special guest speaker in each
city – creating an unparalleled earning opportunity for you.

We take care of booking the meeting room, advance marketing of the
events, and processing the orders. All you have to do is show up
and do your thing… and remember, there’s only ONE exclusive guest
speaker per city. What could be sweeter?

Your participation investment is only $1500 per city to be a part
of this groundbreaking project, and you keep 100% of everything you
sell. If you’d like to join us for multiple dates and build your
momentum, the fee drops to $1200 per city, starting with your third
selection. You get to generate huge publicity for yourself, build
your client and mailing lists – and keep 100% of your sales!

We’re only inviting top notch speakers in the self-help, personal
, and wealth building arenas to share the stage with us;
speakers like yourself, who are dedicated to using their knowledge
to help make a positive difference in the world.

I’ve paid more than $1500 just to get into a marketing seminar to
listen to other people speak, and it was money well spent. This
tour has been years in the making, and is destined to create stars
in the next 14 months. Will you be one of them? You can be if you
contact me right away.

This is your invitation. 26 slots, 26 markets – they won’t be
available for long. Call me, or register on the web site, so we can
lock in your buy-in rights and join forces. We’re making it happen,
and I’d love for you to be a part of it. You’ll find more information
online at http://www.centurionseminars.com/jvpartners.html .
Talk to you shortly!

Greatest Success,
Victoria Stewart
Marketing Director,

PS – I forgot to mention, when you sign up with us, we’ll also
include your product on our high traffic bookstore site for six
months at no charge – you keep all the proceeds!

PPS – and if you’re not able to make it to a particular city but
want to target it anyway, I’ll have one of our professionals pitch
it for you for a flat fee of only $2500. You still get 100% of your
sales, and all the other benefits of being a part of this amazing
tour…  http://www.centurionseminars.com/jvpartners.html

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