We offer our customers a Concealed Weapons Class second to none. Talk to your friends who attended the "local gun show" class and ask them what they actually learned. Our instructors
from High Point not only cover what is required by the state, but they also give you true to life scenarios as well as showing you how to react to law enforcement.


We also offer our customers Advanced Tactical Weapon
courses as well, from pistol skills to "Three Gun" training
in real life situations. We offer you access to a qualified
Gunsmith who is acknowledged not only in the private
community, but in the law enforcement community as well.

We also offer access to a second generation Leather-smith,
who can custom make or customize just about anything.  

We offer our customers a flat rate. no hassle, no question
FFL transfer for only $25. Try going to another gun shop and
have them transfer in a firearm model they happen to have
in stock. For some reason the price seems to always go up.

We understand that while we would like an opportunity to
earn your firearm business, we may not always have exactly
what you are looking for or be able to offer you the lowest
price. However, we are still here to help. We may not know
everything about every weapon, but we are smart enough to
tell you if we don't know - rather than trying to feed you false

Come on in and give us an opportunity to gain your business.
You'll soon see what sets us apart from the rest!"

- Ben


Latest News

We are proud to announce our four-hour Florida CCW Certification Course. This class will provide you with the instruction and certification documents you’ll need to apply for your Florida Concealed Carry Weapons license and safely carry concealed weapons.

This is not your ordinary Concealed Carry Weapons course. Learn the realities of armed self defense from a professional full time instructor. Training provided by High Point Personal Security, the leader in the field.

See Ben in the gun department, or click here to sign up.