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Supercharging The Front End: Integrated Marketing At Its Finest
From the book: Beyond Branding; the Magic of Spiral Marketing
by Lance T. Walker

In my experience, one of the main reasons many marketers fail -
online or off - is that they waste tremendous amounts of time
constantly looking for and trying new methods. Why do they do
this? Because nothing they try ever seems to work very well, so
they "cut their losses" by switching to something else.

At the end of the day, they're no better off than they were
yesterday... because they have no traffic-generating SYSTEM.

Your number one marketing priority should be to develop at
least one traffic-generating system. It's the "synergy" of your
efforts, working together in a planned manner, that will
eventually drive traffic to your site day after day without you
having to constantly "feed the monster".

Each unit of effort will start producing more and more units of
results. You have to put your system in place, then prime the
pump even while you think it's not working.

Direct-response marketing gurus will tell you that you should
always have three to five media in play at all times to achieve
the "synergistic effect".

You see, when people keep coming across your name, especially
in different media, your business persona becomes larger than
the sum of its parts. And the urge to buy from you becomes much
greater as well. You become a "somebody" in the reader's mind.

In other words, you want to use as many avenues as you can
manage at one time, to literally saturate your target market with
your message.

Your limiting factors will be, of course, time and money. Most
of us don't want to work ourselves to death, even for a short
period of time. So how do you break through those limitations
and supercharge your front end efforts? By
leveraging your technology
and knowledge.

-- Lance T. Walker is a proud U.S. Air Force veteran who holds certifications in marketing communications, electronics engineering, computer networking, and multimedia design.
He has been helping businesses develop income-producing online properties since 1998. The book is available online at the SkyVault™ Bookstore .


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