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by Grace A. Cheeseman

A Web Postcard is a heavy stock index card that shows your web site's home page in full color on the front. This high-impact branding tool can be a great attention grabber off-line, as well as driving traffic directly to your site.

1. Send Web Postcards to all your customers. Web Postcards are an easy and inexpensive way to tell your customer list you are online. Announce your site, announce specials, or simply keep in touch.

2. Use them to notify people about new features in your site. Web Postcards have been used by thousands of sites to increase traffic. Use them for contests, sales, or even thank-you-for-visiting cards.

3. Give them out to customers making purchases. Hand Web Postcards to customers reminding them to visit you online the next time they can't make it into your store, restaurant, or office.

4. Send them to the competition to make them envious. All kidding aside, Web Postcards have been used to tell potential business contacts - even competitors - about what you can offer.

5. Send them to your family to show how tech-savvy you have become. Web Postcards are not only used by businesses but also churches, schools, government, military and even families.

6. Send them to suppliers. If you have mailing lists of suppliers and business contacts, mailing Web Postcards can help facilitate the move to electronic commerce.

7. Send a copy of your home page to all your contacts who do not have Web access. After your sales meetings, phone call, or even your email, Web Postcards with a personal note will keep your message "fresh". (Very popular with Realtors)

8. Post them on bulletin boards in stores and computer centers. One woman posted Web Postcards in supermarkets with her home page that told of her missing son given up for adoption. She found him!

9. Give out at trade shows. An easy and quick way to keep your message in front of visitors to your booth.

10. Send to your "media" list. Let the media in your area or trade group know of the interesting things your business is doing on the Web. The media love stories about technology.

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