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by Lance T. Walker

Are you overlooking some easy ways to generate traffic to your web site OFF-LINE? And by doing so, are you leaving "money on the table" that you could be putting in your pocket with very little effort?

No, I'm not talking about expensive television spots or magazine ads. Leave those to the companies planning IPOs.

What I'm suggesting are some simple ways to call attention to your web site from all those folks who DON'T spend all their free time in cyberspace.

Here's how to get their attention:

1. Include your URL, e-mail address, and tag line ("We Understand Chocolate", "Our Pigs Fly", "We'd Rather Be Fishing", etc.) on ALL your promotional material, including business cards, stationery, fax cover sheets, and sales brochures.

Even your car should carry your message. Get a classy chrome or gold ID-IT plate for your car by visiting this site. It works on the highway and in the parking lot. Very cost effective, and actually enhances your vehicle's appearance. You may even find yourself looking for traffic jams to get into.

2. Include you URL in your local Yellow Pages ad for your existing storefront, if you have one. Use your Web site to give all the details you can't give in the phone book, like a list of products, services, testimonials, credentials/background, and prices.

Tip: If your location is hard to get to, or if you're constantly giving directions over the phone, put a map with easy directions on your Web site Repeat the phone number, address, and hours of operation on the map page, and invite your customer to print the page for easy reference in the car. She can call from her car phone if she still gets lost.

3. If you've recently added a Web site to an existing business, mail a postcard to your customer list to announce your new site. Why a postcard? Because everyone reads them.

Tip: Give your customers a reason to log on. Don't just say "Look at our new Web site! Aren't we swell?" Instead, say something like "Shop With Us Anytime! Clothing Optional" or "Come visit our web site for your free 10% off coupon!" Try a couple of different headlines on your family and friends to see which one pulls the best before mailing to your list.

4. You already know the power of ezines. They allow you to educate, inform, and otherwise keep in touch with your customers. If you don't have one, add one, and make it easy for people to subscribe-even when they're not online.

How? If you have a storefront, provide some blank "join our emailing list" cards at the checkout counter to let them sign up. Once you've input the data into your list, send a confirmation e-mail reminding them when and where they signed up for the ezine. Retain the sign up card for your records.

Even simpler, print your Web site and ezine information on the receipt or on a card or flyer you include in the bag. (If you'd like more information about starting an ezine, visit Ezine University at

5. Include your URL in any print advertising you do, including classified ads. Not only will a Web site address give you added credibility, it allows you to further pre-sell very inexpensively, as in the Yellow Pages example above.

6. If you regularly speak at conferences, meetings, or seminars, make sure your hand outs include details about your Web site, ezine, and subscription instructions. Remind listeners to visit your Web site and email you with any questions they may have once they get back to their office.

7. Absolutely include your web site information on any articles you have published in newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.

Tip: Not only is writing articles a great way to show your expertise, it's an inexpensive way to promote your business. You should use this tactic regularly.

Finally, be aware of the off-line ways other Web sites use to capture YOUR attention. If they get you to log on, consider adapting the technique for your own use.

The large majority of marketing messages people receive still come through off-linemedia. These are easy, inexpensive ways to make people aware of your message and get them to your web site.

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