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These Are The Signs Of The Times
Copyright © 2004-2005, Geela

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, extreme stress
and high anxiety are the norm and joy of life is the exception.
Sure, we have our “toys.” The only problem is that like anything
that’s artificial, the effect of artificial joy produced by the
pursuit of material things and from engaging in superficial
activities that promote anti-social behavior, is as fleeting as
it is cruel. With all of our hard earned material achievements
and success, how come we are still left with a sense of
emptiness, loneliness and a vague longing to something beyond
the material world?

This is what I call fatigue due to spiritual pollution. That’s
because we’ve been brainwashed and bombarded day after day with
negative messages from the media and Hollywood alike in pursuit
of The American Dream, which is based on materialistic values
system and basically is an illusion. In the absence of a strong
spiritual foundation, which includes solid moral values, it’s
easy to develop a false belief system about the self and the
world, feel a sense of insecurity.

Is it any wonder that society is experiencing ills such as an
increase in senseless violence, including our schools, chaos and
the deterioration of the family unit? In the absence of a sound
foundation, any building, no matter how tall or beautiful, will
eventually collapse. Spiritual foundation is no different. “Why
should I care about spirituality or moral values?” you might
rightly ask. For starters, spirituality is just a non-religious
way of knowing God, that Infinite Intelligence and Love in the
universe, the Source of all life. It enables us to gain better
understanding of ourselves, our place in the universe and the
unity of life, which helps us develop sound moral values that
serve our best interest in the long run. Sound moral values
means (among other things) understanding the difference between
right and wrong on a deep and fundamental level. It means
understanding and incorporating in one’s life the elements of
compassion, sensitivity to human condition, kindness, and the
honoring of all living things. These elements contribute to a
peaceful and thriving society in a win-win climate. People who
are highly aware and understand the unity of all living things,
experience positive feelings towards themselves and others and
therefore are not very likely to destroy themselves, others or
the environment.

Without spirituality life becomes an empty experience devoid of
real meaning, purpose and true joy. Spiritual living is the
difference between living consciously and unconsciously. It’s
the same difference between moving around in a dark room and
moving around in a well-lit room where you are less likely to
go bumping into things and “see” where you have to go. You
might say spirituality is your secret weapon to give you a
winning edge regardless of your circumstances. That’s when
riches of the heart will beat any material success (by the
narrow definition of THE AMERICAN DREAM), and no one can take it
from you either. Increased awareness and spirituality naturally
heal any fears you might have – from fear of failure (and even
success) to fear of death. And as a bonus, spirituality and
high awareness help us gain clarity, inner peace in the face of
adversity and uncertainty and the ability to better cope with
any type of loss. With such enormous power at your disposal
(and best of all, it’s free of charge too), wouldn’t you like
to at least give it a try and create your own sign rather than
be a victim of signs of the times? You have everything to gain
and absolutely nothing to lose. I should know. I’m living

About the Author:
Geela is an award winning singer/songwriter/composer, columnist,
and author of the best-selling book “THE AMERICAN DREAM,” her
true- life story of how she came to America as a young immigrant
with nothing and overcame incredible obstacles to achieve
mega-success. She founded ONE SPIRIT, ONE WORLD to help children
and promote a culture of peace and harmony. Get a free sample of
her music and her book at http://www.Geela.com

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