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We Will Make an Offer on Your Home in 48
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Send Us The Information We Need To Make
An Offer On Your Home

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: The only information we must have to contact you, is your name, email address and property location.

But if you fill out the form completely, we can probably have an offer *ready* when we contact you. This really speeds up the process and gets you an answer FAST!

Keep in mind we are investors, so typically we buy at wholesale to resell at retail.

Let SkyVault™ put the power of "spiral marketing " to work for you!

Privacy Statement - We will NEVER share, sell, or rent your personal information to anyone without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. We value your privacy and will not abuse your trust and confidence.
- The SkyVault™ Investor Team

*1. Your Name:

*2. Your Email:

3. What type of property are you selling?

4. What condition is the property in?
Move-in Minor upgrade (<$2K)
Some repair (<$5K)
Handyman's Special

5. Are you the sole owner of the property?
Yes No

6. How long have you owned the property?
less than 1 yr 1-3 yrs 4-7 yrs more than 7 yrs

7. Is the property listed with a real estate broker or agent?
Yes No

8. How much in mortgages, liens, taxes, etc. is owed on the property?

9. Is the property occupied or vacant?
Occupied Vacant

10. What is the value of the property?

11. How did you arrive at this figure?
Tax Assessment Recent comparables Certified appraisal Other

12. What is the lowest asking price you will accept?

13. What type of cooling does the property have? (central, window, etc.)
14. What type of heat does the property have? (heat pump, oil, etc.)
15. Would you be willing to sell this property on a land contract?
Yes No Maybe, if I knew what that is
16. Why are you selling this property?
*17. Property address, description, and any other information we should be aware of:


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