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The SkyVault™ Update: Hi Tech Edition
09/22/02 - Alameda, CA

Hello All,

Yesterday, SkyVault launched 4 new web sites that I think you'll be
interested in. (Now you know why I've been so busy!) We've also been waging
a fierce battle on the computer virus front; I will send you some very
important information on that very shortly. Watch your email. This is stuff
you'll need to know.

1) Alameda Chamber of Commerce - at last, at last. This one took seven months
to push through, but with the help of Will Dere, Richard Lyons, and Floyd
Hibbitts, it's an accomplishment well worth talking about. This is truly one
of our new flagships, and we invite you to check it out for ideas as well as
connections. The membership database is being reworked, so if it's not up
when you get this, it will be shortly.

2) Dr. Richard Richman - extraordinary chiropractor and kinesiologist, this
site deals strictly with the "straight" chiropractic side of his practice.
Extremely gifted and intuitive as well as highly credentialed, this one's a
star in the making. Check him out;

3) Advanced Holistic Systems - great vehicle for alternative health care
information and products. Currently includes Native American healing and
herb information, Nature's Sunshine nutritional supplements, and lots of
info on Dr. Richman's holistic side.

4) The Tanner Method - home study course for learning to play pop songs on
the piano, without ever having to read a bass clef. Perfect for people who
used to play but don't anymore, and now have kids who want to make music.
Downloadable by the chapter or as a whole course. Big promo campaign coming;
you may see this one in your Sunday paper or on TV.

5) And Coming Soon - now that we're back up to speed, watch for new sites for
Floyd Hibbitts Consulting, Revenue Dynamics, Poplar Creek Golf Course, and
Career Closet of Santa Clara County. As always, your ideas, suggestions, and
critiques are welcomed and encouraged. And remember: "a cool site that
doesn't sell your stuff is worse than useless".

NOTE: We're still on the hunt for original soul food recipes for "The New
Jack Old School Cookbook: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Soul
Food But Didn't Ask When You Could've". Please talk with your friends,
relatives, and neighbors - especially grandparents and elders, and email any
recipes you want included directly to me. Let's help them communicate a
proud legacy to the "microwave gourmet" generation. (And thanks, Vicky, for
that great title. It gets excellent response every time I test it!)

Lance T. Walker, Internet Business Consultant
SkyVault Multimedia Business Services
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SkyVault develops income-producing online properties with
"the power to influence", and our marketing wizards help promote
them with a full range of "spiral marketing" tools and services.

We are dot com survivors; we know what works!

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