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The SkyVault™ Update:
Virginia Real Estate Investor Group Edition
08/21/03 - Hampton Roads, VA

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More meeting info:

1. Last Month's Meeting
2. Next Meeting Reminder - no August Meeting
3. Next Month's Topic - "Debt Reduction"
4. Hampton Roads Financial News
5. New Feature: Mini Poll
6. New Services Available


Hello Everyone,

Hope your summer is going well. Here are this month's

1) Last Month's Meeting: Wow! Did we have a great
meeting in July! Last month's meeting was aimed at
beginning real estate investors. Lance T. Walker,
Regional Director of the SkyVault Real Estate Group,
(, gave us a volume of
information and great tips about the the following:

- the basics of our economic system
- how our economic system is divided into
specific sectors, and why we tend to get stuck in
the 'job' sector and never seem to get ahead
- why we must all become real estate investors if we
ever expect to be able to retire
- how to invest in real estate even if you have no cash,
no job, and poor credit

If you missed this one, you missed a real treat! We'll
definitely try to have Mr. Walker speak again at a future
meeting. Meanwhile, we're lining up more excellent
speakers for the next few months - stay tuned!

2) Next Meeting: Due to summer vacation plans,
our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 23rd,
at 6:30 pm at:

Shoney's Restaurant
557 Denbigh Blvd. (near Jefferson Ave.)
Newport News, VA

3) The topic will be: "Financial Freedom - How To
Reduce Your Debt Load by Half - Painlessly". Our
speaker will be Mr. Paul Massengill, Executive Sales
Representative with ICR Services™. If you missed
Paul's talk on credit repair last spring, this is your
opportunity to gain valuable financial information that
can have an immediate impact on your quality of life.
Be there - and bring a friend!

Special Report: Double Your Income, Even
During a Recession...

Learn the Secrets of Making Good Money When
Times are Good, and MORE Money When Times
are Tough...


4) Hampton Roads Economic News:

- According to the Old Dominion University Economic
Forecasting Project's July 21, 2003 press release: "As we
all know, this year has been a banner year for home sellers
and a particularly difficult one for home buyers in the
Southside of Virginia (Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach,
Suffolk, Chesapeake).

Due to a lack of adequate supply of homes, buyers
were forced to pay a premium for homes or
look elsewhere."

- Per the Daily Press, July 27, 2003 edition: "The
Hampton Roads economy can expect growth to
continue through October of this year. Factors which
are helping this growth rate are increased incomes
among military households, stable employment and
low interest rates. As of this date, the average fixed
rate mortgage is 5.98%. Historically low mortgage
rates (45 year low), rising regional income and
employment, the desire of baby boomers to improve
the quality of their housing and the return of military
personnel from the Iraq war will fuel strong and
continued growth in housing through the third quarter.
The value of new housing grew by more than seven
percent over the period."

- RealtyTimes forecasts that by the end of 2003, interest
rates on 30-year fixed mortgages should gradually have
climbed to only 6.3%. Large numbers of homeowners and
buyers will want to take advantage of these low rates.

- EDITOR'S NOTE: Email me if you're interested in buying
or refinancing a home but need help qualifying. VREIA has
been very successful in lining up financial specialists that
can help many situations previously thought to be impossible.

5) New Feature: Mini Poll

The web site has a fun new feature we'd like you
to take advantage of - our new online Mini Poll! Easier than an
email, even faster than a phone call...just click your selection
and vote.This month, we'd like to know what your most
important need is regarding real estate investing. Tell us via
the mini poll - on the home page!

6) New Services Available:

For those of you in the Hampton Roads area, VREIA has two
new real estate services available to you: a concierge service
and a property clean-up service.

- If you've got too much to do and no time to do it in, "The Errand
Lady" will put precious minutes back into your day. This concierge
service will pick up and deliver paperwork, take digital photos of
properties, set up and take down "for sale" signs, and much more.

- And if you've had tenants move out, or JUST need to get a
property cleaned up for showing, we now have access to two
specialists in that line of work. One serves the Peninsula, the other
the South Side.

I expect all three of these ladies will be booked to the hilt in the
very near future. If you have a need, contact me IMMEDIATELY

Thanks to those of you who have sent requests for topics
you'd like to see us cover at our meetings. Keep those emails

Meetings are free for first-timers. Membership required after
that. (Currently, get two memberships for the price of one -
see .)

Attire is business casual. See you in September!

Grace A. Cheeseman, President
Virginia Real Estate Investors Association
5007-C Victory Blvd., # 118
Yorktown, VA 23693
Phone: 757-988-3119
Fax: 425-699-4836

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