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The SkyVault™ Update:
Virginia Real Estate Investor Group Edition
06/19/03 - Hampton Roads, VA


Please pass this information along to your
associates and friends.
More meeting info:

This issue:
1. Next Meeting Reminder - New time, new place!
2. This Month's Topic - CREDIT REPAIR
3. New Members
4. New Listings


Hello Everyone,

Our meeting of 5/28 was very informative. The
agenda was chock-full of information on the
following topics:

-- Credit-challenged buyers and the Ron LeGrand
"FSBO Cash Flow" Method
-- The four qualifying elements lenders look for,
and how to get a loan with only two of them
-- Benefits of using a Land Trust
-- Four ways to make money investing in real estate.

As our topics will vary from meeting to meeting, I am
interested in getting input from you all on what subjects
you would like to see covered. Keep the emails coming!

1. Next Meeting Reminder - New time, new place!
The June VREIA meeting will be held on Tuesday,

June 24th, at 6:30 pm at:
Shoney's Restaurant
557 Denbigh Blvd. (near Jefferson Ave.)
Newport News, VA

We will be meeting at Shoney's for the rest of the
summer - or until we outgrow the space available!

2. This Month's Topic - CREDIT REPAIR
Is credit repair legal? Can it legitimately be
accomplished? Despite what you may have
heard elsewhere, ICR™ says absolutely YES!
Paul Massengill, Executive Sales Representative
with ICR™, will be our guest speaker for June.
He'll be discussing his firsthand experience with the
National Credit Repair® Service. You'll learn about:

How the credit reporting agencies (Trans Union,
Experian and Equifax) may NOT be in
compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act,
and what you can do about it
ICR™'s 110% money back guarantee
Exciting business opportunities
If you've ever found yourself searching for "hard money",
trying to arrange "creative financing", or missing out on
a deal because you didn't have the credit rating, you can't
afford to miss this one! See you there Tuesday!

3. New VREIA Members -
A big welcome to Denise Hall and Sidney Lassiter! We
greatly appreciate the energy and personality of these two
busy professionals. Denise is a computer specialist, and
Sidney builds computers for a living! Everything I've seen
so far tells me they'll be great assets to the group! Welcome

4. New Listings -
Property submissions are picking up. So far this month
we're posting a time share in Virginia Beach, a luxury
condominium in Miami, a 5-bedroom waterfront house in
Newport News, and now access to the entire Hampton

Coming shortly; a realtor pipeline to the Emerald Coast
area of Florida, for all our military friends with connections
to Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field Special Ops!

More and more, is the place to be!

See you Tuesday...

Grace A. Cheeseman, President
Virginia Real Estate Investors Association
5007-C Victory Blvd., # 118
Yorktown, VA 23693
Phone: 757-988-3119
Fax: 425-699-4836

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