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04/25/2007 Edition

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  Been to letsdodeals.net lately?

If you haven't, you should visit us again. We've grown (a lot), and I think you'll like what you find.

Also, I need you to help me solve a problem - and I'll reward you for doing so.



  "They Taught Us Everything in School... Except What We Really Needed to Know."

Good observation. Now it's time to start doing something about it.

Every day, more and more working adults are facing up to the reality that hard work and job loyalty are simply not going to get them where they want to go.

They are waking up to the truth that all their education and sacrifice will not protect them from the ravages of foreclosure, unemployment, even bankruptcy; that in fact, the very idea of retirement is a concept that may never actually happen.

They are facing up to the harsh fact that they have been lied to - for their entire lives!

Whether the cause is automation, outsourcing, union busting, free trade, or globalization, the fact is the American middle class is being systematically eliminated in favor of a two-tiered "have and have-nots" system, reminiscent of the pre-WWII economy.

In the current corporate environment, wages are shrinking. Pensions are disappearing. Workplace benefits are being offered less and less. The paycheck is once again becoming the sole reward for a day's work, while more and more top executives hoard record company profits to themselves.

People no longer seek to know their neighbors, or build real-world communities; they simply move to where the next job is and connect loosely through online social networking sites. We are literally becoming a nation of nomads.

It's not hard to convince people they need "multiple streams of income" in order to prosper. However, if that means stringing together a series of part-time jobs, hiring day care, and putting everyone in the family to work, most people will still opt to just get by as best they can. After all, there has to be more to life than just chasing the next dollar.

This creates a predictable situation. As the market value of labor is steadily eroded and the social safety net is dismantled, people will either become upwardly mobile and join the rich, or they will become downwardly mobile and join the poor. In other words, there will be economic winners and losers.

History tells us that those who lose the will, strength, or opportunity to run the hamster wheel will begin to fall off in greater and greater numbers. Some will protest, some will rebel, some will give in to mental illness and despair. But most will simply suffer their entire lives in quiet desperation.

Others, with the right knowledge, connections, and ability, will become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

So now, during this time of transition, each of us has been given the choice to be among the winners or the losers. We can pay the price for success, or we will pay the price for failure. This much is undeniable reality.

Odds are, your willingness to deal with the truth in a proactive manner is what led you to this site. And I consider it my personal mission to share the real truth with you - a truth that I have been researching for more than 20 years, in preparation for this moment.

The bottom line is, we all want to live richly. We want to build a wealth-based retirement. And we want quality memories that we and our families can cherish. That's the real American Dream, plain and simple.

I'm here to tell that the game isn't over, that you can still win. You can still have the kind of retirement most people only dream about.....you just need to count on yourself, not Uncle Sam or your current employer, to get you there.

You knew this information was out there somewhere... Congratulations - you've found it. Now let's get busy fixing the problem.

Best regards,

Lance T. Walker, IBC
Managing Director
SkyVault Multimedia Publishing

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   The Secret Behind "The Secret"

There's been a lot of talk lately about a book called "The Secret". It seems to be everywhere - complete with audio versions, video versions, and even seminars.

But did you know that "The Secret" is actually based on a book written in 1910, by a man named Wallace D. Wattles? It's true. Way back then, though, the book went by a much less mysterious title: "The Science of Getting Rich". Almost sounds kind of boring, until you stop to think about it.

What Wallace was saying is that the process of becoming wealthy is actually a science. You do this, you get that. Take an action this way, you get that result. No mystery. No luck involved.

There are certain steps that, once performed, absolutely guarantee that you will become rich.

And then he proceeded to map out exactly what those steps are...


But you know what? It turns out, not everybody wants to be rich. Some people are actually terrified of the idea. Having money requires managing it, and making decisions about what to do with it. Being financially wealthy brings a lot of power, and with it great responsibility.

That's why the Paris Hiltons of the world become such spectacles; they don't seem to comprehend the responsibility that their wealth conveys. They yearn to live simply and openly, like the poor people seem to do.

So if you decide that climbing part way up the mountain is fine with you, I understand. If keeping your bills paid and having a little left over for the movies is all you desire, then I say more power to you.

But if you're the type of person who yearns for more, who wants to make a difference in the wider scheme of things, then I invite you to discover "The Science of Getting Rich" - absolutely free of charge. You can get yours here:



  Ebook of the Month: The Silent Profit Machine

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Live boldly,

Managing Director
SkyVault™ Multimedia Publishing
San Diego, CA



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