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Real Estate Has Created More Millionaires Than All Other Wealth-Building Systems and Industrial Investments Combined!

This book Will Show You Exactly How to achieve Financial Independence, using a system that makes Millionaires.

Discover how you can start making money with no money.

Have you ever wondered what separates the rich from the average person who is swamped with debt, living from day to day and struggling just to make ends meet? I learned the answer to this question several years ago and now I would like to share it with you.

You see, I watched my own parents who worked so very hard all their lives, lose their jobs less than two years from their retirement. For them, there was nothing to fall back on except a meager social security payment and an early (reduced) pension check. And I'm sure they're not alone. But the fact is... It Doesn't Have To Be That Way!

For more than twenty-five years I have been a successful real estate investor. I learned the hard way and made many mistakes before I developed an easy and reliable system for taking large profits from properties... and I mean easy! So easy in fact, that the more money I made, the more free time I seemed to have.

We are now on the verge of an enormous boom in real estate. Today's property prices are going through the roof! Even at times when there seems to be a pullback in housing prices, they quickly recover and climb to even higher levels than before. The truth is, the population is expanding rapidly and the real value of housing and land will be determined by future demand. And the demand for housing is so huge that there's nowhere for prices to go but UP!

Just to think that less than 10 years ago, houses selling for $50,000, are now selling at lightning speed for as much as $250,000 or more. This clearly shows the safety of investing in an appreciating asset. These common types of property values clearly demonstrate the enormous wealth that will be created for a select group of individuals in the next few years... And knowing how to buy these kinds of valuable properties is simply found by knowing what to look for.

In fact, there are so many ways to make money in real estate that all that is required is the willingness to put these foolproof methods to use. You don't need any special education or even a large investment to succeed. All that is needed is the knowledge and the methods that have been proven to be ultimately effective.

Those that get in on it now, will be Tomorrow's Millionaires! The only question you need to answer is, "Where will you be financially, in a year from now?"... How about in 5 years from now? Will you still be stuck in the same job dealing with all the uncertainties that go along with working for someone else? Planning for a "secure" and comfortable retirement until you're downsized right out of your job?

Now you can take advantage of the very best methods, used by investment professionals, for making consistent profits in real estate. The most effective strategies, laid-out in a simple, easy-to-follow blueprint for success will make you the expert and enable you to achieve incredible wealth and financial independence... working less than 5 hours a week... in your spare-time!

Not only will you discover dozens of exciting, No Money Down methods that will propel your investment success... but you'll also learn the insider secrets of the mortgage and investment bankers and how to use it to your advantage and profit.

Proper financing is essential to successful investing... and to insure that you are armed with the most hard-hitting financing techniques, you will also receive the Explosive, How-To manual, "A Fortune In Government Foreclosures!"

The U.S. Government gives away valuable properties everyday for as little as $500 down. This tell-all book will guide you through this exciting world of enormous profits and powerful insider financing techniques that are just waiting for you to take advantage of.

This is the most valuable information on buying and selling Government Foreclosures available anywhere!

The only difference between the rich and the average person is in having a step-by-step system to follow that produces consistent and foolproof results. It doesn't matter where you live or the size of your town or city. This system will show you exactly how to:

Start with little or No Cash Investment.

Start in your Spare-Time while building a Six-Figure Income.

Build a portfolio of properties with Government and "Bank-Owned" Foreclosures.

Locate and purchase distressed properties at 30-50% below their market value.

How to "FLIP" Properties for quick profits.

How to use "Lease-Purchase Options" to make thousands of dollars on properties you don't even own... With this low cost method you can start making really big money immediately!

A one-of-a-kind guide to using Real Estate Options for RISK-FREE Investing.

Create a constant, monthly cash-flow with rental income... and you set the amount you earn!

Learn how you can Create a Million Dollar Net Worth starting on a shoestring budget.

I have found that all that is needed is a specific formula to follow and anyone can produce the same results I have achieved. But you might be asking yourself, why am I willing to share this very valuable system at any price? The answer is simply that there is no real competition in the field of real estate investing. The supply and demand for real estate is so huge it provides endless opportunities to profit... You only need a proven formula to follow that shows EXACTLY what to do! A clear cut blueprint that takes the guesswork out of investment success.

A select group of individuals have already discovered the huge potential of using this system. Just take a look at the kind of money you could be earning...

"A 42 year old single mother with two small children from Brooklyn, NY, with absolutely no prior real estate experience, purchased a 2 family bank foreclosure with no down payment. Less than 60 days later she sold the property taking in a net profit of $22,957."

... "A husband and wife from Carteret, NJ took over a 4 family income property (using no down payment) valued at $245,000. They made $38,000 instant equity, $3,200 monthly rental income, $4,800 in rent security deposits... and walked out of the closing with $2,367 in cash!" With this one purchase they were able to increase their net worth by $45,800 and receive a net income of $1,423 per month.

Anyone who uses these simple and proven techniques will succeed in becoming Financially Independent! These are not isolated cases. These people all have one thing in common. They dreamed of having a more comfortable and worry-free life. And simply by using these same step-by-step methods they were able to make their dreams a reality.

If you're the type of person who has had it with the "9-5 job", seeks greater freedom and financial rewards and wants to take control of your own future, then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity. "The Secrets of Real Estate Acquisition and Funding" has been specially designed to get you started making serious money in the shortest possible time. Now you can create the kind of lifestyle you've always dreamed of...

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