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What kind of dog are you? Who's your celebrity date this week? Do you know your color? Everyone has a favorite Emode test, and now everyone can share in the fun. We've collected all of our top relationship, career, health, and personality tests in one list. Try a few today — and pass them along!


Test Name




Astrology Makeover The Astrology Makeover 15 4 min  
Astrology Matchmaker The Astrology Matchmaker 15 4 min  
Celebrity Matchmaker The Celebrity Matchmaker 16 4 min  
Dog AWhat Breed of Dog Are You? 12 3 min  
Emotional Age What's Your Emotional Age? 15 4 min  
Emotional IQ The IQ Test 70 10 min
Flirtation Are You a Flirt? 20 5 min  
High Maintenance Are You High Maintenance? 18 5 min  
Ideal Man Who is Your Ideal Man? 21 5 min  
IQ The IQ Test 61 90min
Is He "the One"? Is He "the One"? 20 5 min  
Loony Are You Loony? 18 4 min  
Pop Culture 1999 Pop Culture 1999 23 6 min  
Romance (Women) The Love Test 24 6 min  
Seven Deadly Sins The Seven Deadly Sins Test 15 4 min  
Sex God/Goddess Are You a Sex God/Goddess? 26 6 min  
Superpower What's Your Superpower? 28 6 min  
Wedding Date Predictor The Wedding Date Predictor Test 33 10 min  


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