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Looking for a flash of insight? Need a little perspective? How about a quick laugh? Ignore your inbox and take a few minutes to try the latest Emode test. You can always discover something new about yourself from our long list of relationship, career, health, and personality tests. Come back often for the latest scoop on you!


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Are You a Material Girl? 22 5 min  
Are You a Slacker? 5 5 min  
Are You Sure You're You? 17 4 min  
Coffee Test 12 3 min  
Do You Get Enough Sleep? 16 4 min  
Do You Know Datespeak? 8 3 min  
Dot-Com Test 13 4 min  
Emode Personality Test 20 5 min  
Handwriting Analysis 18 4 min  
How do You Spell Infidelity? 18 5 min  
How Superstitious Are You? 25 6 min  
Is He "the One"? 40 10 min
What's Your Body Language Telling Him? 16 4 min  
What's Your Loony Past Life? 11 3 min  
What's Your True Color? 26 6 min  
Who Wears the Pants? 20 5 min  
Who's My Type? 18 5 min  
Body Image Test 12 3 min  

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