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We’ve Now Added Professional Facebook Lead Generation!

62% of small business owners think that Facebook ads are incapable of generating news leads and business for them…

And that’s 100% true UNLESS you know how to FIND the answers and then properly IMPLEMENT the solutions with regards to these 4 questions:

1) How do you target the right people?
2) What does the ad need to look like?
3) What is the right offer to make?
4) How do we get our audience to take the action we want them to?

Check out the video above for answers to all these questions, and learn how we make Facebook ads exteremely profitable for YOUR BUSINESS – then click the link below to get started!

Beyond Facebook...Here's the entire program!

Trillion Dollar Lead System –

Big businesses use microsite strategies for lead generation. This technique is now affordable for medium sized businesses, small businesses, even individual sales reps – and comes with an additional, trillion-dollar market built right in!

Watch this brief video to see how it all works:

What is a microsite?

A microsite is an auxiliary website or individual page that acts as a separate entity for a brand. It has independent links, a unique web address (url), and is accessed mainly from a larger site. Its purpose is to highlight a specific campaign, target a specific audience, or inspire a specific call-to-action.

Your leased microsite space from American Website Leasing has a very different purpose than your main company site. It has only ONE GOAL – to drive members of the military and veteran community directly to your place of business with a strong statement of attraction, value, and credibility.

NO ONE ELSE can do what we do!

Why choose Trillion Dollar Lead System?

Our system beats old-fashioned Internet marketing models in 3 huge ways!

Traditional web marketing methods suffer from one unavoidable, fatal flaw; an appeal to a general population with no real cohesion, that is more wide than deep. Over time, as more and more competitors use the same keywords and phrases to rank in search engines like Google (and whenever they change the game rules), effectiveness fades and traffic levels diminish. We solve that problem with our exclusive “triple network” strategy:


1) Internal Network

We have a strong, 6 year reputation with the veteran community through our popular online Career Resource Center (WeHireHeroesUSA). In other words, we bring a large, loyal, READY-MADE MARKET to the table for you.

Did you know the military community represents more than 1 trillion dollars in annual spending? It does. And military customers are a loyal bunch; they tend to stand by those who have stood by them, no matter what the economy is doing.


2) External Network

Our partnership with the Veteran Friendly Directory™ allows you to build a profitable, lifelong relationship with veteran families and their supporters. This large, stable, and prosperous demographic can provide a steady stream of business for years to come.

We structure these online properties in a “directory-of-directories” format with only ONE business allowed in each local category. The benefit? You are automatically ALIGNED with your business allies, and INSULATED from your competitors in the same category.

By connecting 60+ businesses in an active, cross-promotional online local network, each leaseholder supports the rest, interpersonal bonds are strengthened, and all members have a strong incentive to patronize, refer, and recommend each other.

In other words, your leased microsite space actually grows MORE VALUABLE with time, with NO EFFORT REQUIRED on your part.


3) Local Business Network

We know you care about attracting prospects, not just Google rankings. So as powerful as our online marketing program is, we make our strategy bulletproof by mixing in the most effective OFFLINE marketing available: postcard, press release, flyer, and direct mail campaigns.

This gives you the benefit of “direct response” as well as “mindshare branding”, creating cash flow now and establishing your business as a TOP-OF-MIND choice when more prospects are ready to buy.

Case Study:

See one of our actual live properties in action!

Our marketing system TRIPLED this limousine company’s bookings in less than 90 days! Click the images below to view her corporate website, microsite, and page 1 Google rankings:

Sometimes success is simply a matter of having access to knowledge, or control of an asset, that the competition doesn’t. This is your invitation to gain the advantage of a fully-integrated marketing system with a built-in clientele; literally the holy grail of lead generation.

Competition Crushing Benefits of becoming the

OFFICIAL VETERAN FRIENDLY provider of your service in your area!


AFFORDABLE monthly leasing payment with no long-term contracts, no site maintenance worries, and no hosting or pay-per-click advertising expense.


Attractive “OFFICIAL MEMBER” graphic available for your website.


“Google domination” strategy gets your space ranked high on Google in DAYS or weeks, not months.


We handle all SPAM emails generated by our promotional efforts. Your email box is safe.


Strong PRESS RELEASE program promotes your Official microsite page via local media outlets.


Customized Internet infomercial, html5, or spokesperson VIDEO captivates viewers instantly, and also causes the search engines to rank your online property higher.


We’ll make sure your microsite is listed in all of the TOP-15 online local directories. Details


Exact-match, keyword rich, business-niche DOMAIN NAME (the best kind to have) gets the attention of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, which rank your lease page higher, faster.


Unique, reserved PHONE NUMBER rings at your place of business and forwards voicemail messages to you.


Optional LEAD MAGNET and follow-up system helps build your mailing list.


No long term agreement or cancellation fee; lease month-to-month to test, or for a 90-day term and get a 20% DISCOUNT.


If business received from the site is too much or not enough, you can cancel at any time with a 7 day notice.


Frequent promotion throughout the WeHireHeroes NETWORK acknowledges your support of service, builds your brand, and solidifies your reputation in the military veteran community!

Sure, you could do all this designing, programming, posting, promoting, printing, video editing, and emailing yourself, but wouldn’t you rather just have customers coming to you while you concentrate on running your business?

We deliver customers... want yours?

9x12 Postcard Offer
9x12 Postcard Offer

And the price? Only $1197 for a full 90-day campaign. Or, go with a month-to-month trial for only $497/mo. Either way, your results are guaranteed – and once you have this tool working for you, you’ll never want to be without it again!

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